7 Ways to Get Healthier Skin ...


7 Ways to Get Healthier Skin ...
7 Ways to Get Healthier Skin ...

Keeping skin healthy and clear does not have to be a chore, because there are plenty of simple ways to get healthier skin. One of the biggest issues most women face is aging skin or skin with blemishes. These quick tips will help get rid of those pesky blemishes and keep your skin looking young for as long as possible. These simple tricks are all sure-fire ways to get healthier skin.

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Wash Your Face at Night

One of the quickest ways to get healthier skin is to wash your face at night. Our skin’s metabolic process happens at night, which means that our skin is renewing itself and clearing up any problem areas while we sleep. By having a clean face all toned and lotion-ed, you will be boosting your skin’s ability to renew itself. This will also help keep breakouts to a minimum since there will be fewer clogged pores. If you cannot afford both a good night and day cream, go for the night; the products you use at night will make a greater difference than what you use during the day.


Eat Healthy

Our skin is an organ, and like any organ, what we eat will affect it. Eating greasy, over processed, or unhealthy foods can show up on your skin. Whether it is through breakouts, or a lack of that healthy glow, our skin shows our inner health. Eating foods that are high in Omega-3’s and Vitamins will help with elasticity and keep skin healthier. These foods will also give our skin a stronger cellular structure over the long haul.



We already know that the night is when our skin creates new cells and fixes any unseen issues. So, it makes a good deal of sense that sleep is important to the renewal process. Consistently loosing sleep can impede our renewal cycles and damage the rejuvenation process. This does not mean that every girl should be getting 10+ hours of shut eye. Try to aim for six to eight hours a night for a healthy mind and healthy skin.


Work out

When we work out we are increasing the strength of our skin’s connective tissue. This is important for all areas of the body, not just our faces. Strong connective tissues will decrease wrinkles and sagging in skin. It will also help skin stay plump and healthy without that wilted look. Be sure to drink lots of water before and after your workouts as well. Water is a key ingredient to keeping skin looking and feeling great!


Use anti-Aging Cream

Anti-aging creams are not just for our grandmothers. As we get older our skin limits collagen, elastin, and cellular production. Anti-aging products will work as a preventative measure to make sure our elastin, collagen, and cellular production does not decrease. By starting on anti-aging products before your skin looks aged, you will be giving your skin and extra hand in the fight against wrinkles. Just be sure to pick your products wisely, since not all anti-aging creams are created equal.


Take Vitamin C

There is no such thing as too much vitamin C, especially when it comes to healthy skin. Vitamin C is a key component in cellular rejuvenation because it is used in collagen production. Taking vitamin C once per day will help with more than you immune system, it will keep collagen production up and decrease fine lines. If you really want to kick up your C, try a vitamin C cream. Vitamin C creams have a shelf life of one month, so be sure yours is new or mixed at the time of purchase.


Use Sunblock

If you have ever seen the picture of the trucker’s left side compared to his right, you know why sun block is important. Sun block will massively decrease our risks of skin cancer and limit sun spots and premature aging. Staying out of the sun or wearing SPF will also help decrease those fine lines we get on our forehead and around our eyes. Be sure to use a sunblock for the body on your body and sunblock for the face on your face. Our facial skin is much more sensitive to the chemicals in SPF.

Make-up and cosmetic procedures can help our skin to look good for a time, but there is no replacement for healthy, well aged skin. Since we only get one shot with it, we better do the best we can. These are just a few tips on how to keep your skin healthy, I would love to know any secrets you have for keeping skin looking and feeling good!

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Yeah, there are tons of Aveeno products

nice tip to lighten upper lip?

Im really going to try this out !

What's a good inexpensive anti aging cream for someone who hasn't aged yet but wants to prevent it as much as possible?

I agree with sakorah I use Aveeno and it works wonders on my skin

I know Lancôme product can be a little pricey but it definitely worth it.

Taking off makeup every night ASAP is huge too!

Has anyone tried any of loreal's anti-aging products? I've read mixed reviews.

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