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8 Ways to Keep Your Lips Naturally Pink ...

By Heather

If you've been dying for ways to keep your lips naturally pink without using any harsh chemicals or even staining them with a bit of lip stain, I've got the answers! Below, I'm going to detail out the top 8 ways to keep your lips naturally pink that really work! Whether it's a splash of lemon juice, some beetroot juice or even some almond oil, I've got all of the ways to keep your lips naturally pink that you can think of!

Table of contents:

  1. Cold milk & turmeric powder
  2. Moisturize
  3. Beetroot juice
  4. Ground rose petals
  5. Soft-bristle toothbrush
  6. Sugar scrub
  7. Almond oil
  8. Honey

1 Cold Milk & Turmeric Powder

If you have really dark lips and you are looking for a way to keep your lips looking fresh and pink, cold milk and a bit of turmeric powder is a great way to brighten them up! Just a little powder mixed up with 1 teaspoon of cold milk (can be any kind ladies!). Mix this into a paste and then apply the mixture to your lips for up to 5 minutes. Keep doing this for about a week or two and you'll see a huge improvement! This is one of my top ways to keep your lips naturally pink!

2 Moisturize

A lot of people forget that while your lips can be pretty flexible, they do need moisture still! You might forget that your lips can dry out until it is too late and they are flaking away. Well girls, a healthy dose of Vaseline or even just some chapstick can really save you from having flaky lips! This is also a great way to keep your lips naturally pink!

3 Beetroot Juice

Did you know that beetroot juice, when you rub it on just before you head to bed can actually overcome deep and dark lips and make them appear more pink and lighter? Beet juice can actually work as an all natural stain too, so rubbing it on just before you head to bed will leave you with beautiful pink lips in the morning!

4 Ground Rose Petals

While you might think that roses are just for smelling, if you grind up the rose petals in a cup until all you see is liquid, it can actually be great for your lips! Not only will the roses naturally stain your lips, but they will keep them super healthy too! This is one of the ways to keep your lips naturally pink that I use all of the time!

5 Soft-Bristle Toothbrush

When you are dealing with lips, you got to remember that they are delicate – which means that you've got to be careful with them! Exfoliating can be done with a gentle, soft-bristle toothbrush. Just a little bit of water and you can rub the brush along your lips to keep them soft, silky and bright pink!

6 Sugar Scrub

If you don't want to use a toothbrush, no worries! A great sugar scrub can help too! Just a little sugar, a little lemon juice and you've got the ideal sugar scrub that will take away all of the dead skin and will leave your lips naturally pink and oh-so-soft and refreshed! This method can also get rid of any dark tea or coffee stains you might have on your lips!

7 Almond Oil

If you aren't into using lemon and sugar as a sugar scrub, another great thing that you can use to actually hydrate your lips and to really make them pink is almond oil and lemon juice! You can actually use this mixture every single day! It'll keep your lips so beautiful and it's another way to keep your lips naturally pink!

8 Honey

Finally girls, the last way to keep your lips naturally pink that we're going to talk about is adding honey! This is honestly one of the most popular tricks that people use to keep their lips pink. All you have to do is apply it every night before bed, it'll nourish your lips and leave them ever-so-bright and soft!

So girls, there you have it! All of my top ways to keep your lips naturally pink! What other ways to keep your lips naturally pink do you use? Any not listed?

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