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8 Best Fiber Mascaras for Flirty Lashes ...

By Lisa

If you’re looking for an easy and temporary way to get flirty lashes, why not try some of these best fiber mascaras? Fiber mascara is a simple way to get fuller and longer lashes in a matter of seconds minus the big eyelash extension bill or the fuss of using falsies. If you’re ready to give these guys a go, be sure to try out one of the highly rated, best fiber mascaras in stores today!

Table of contents:

  1. Maybelline illegal lengths fiber extensions mascara
  2. Modelco fibre lashxtend lengthening mascara
  3. L'oreal voluminous false fiber lashes black lacquer mascara
  4. D.j.v. beautenizer fiberwig lx
  5. Fairydrops scandal queen mascara
  6. Smashbox full exposure mascara
  7. Dior diorshow extase mascara
  8. Jane iredale longest lashes mascara

1 Maybelline Illegal Lengths Fiber Extensions Mascara

I was a big fan of the original Illegal Lengths mascara so when they rereleased a new version, I was ecstatic! This gets my vote for being one of the best fiber mascaras because it’s affordable and effective. You can instantly lengthen lashes with the swipe of the wand and it washes off easily too! You can use this every day or for special occasions where you really want your eyes to take center stage!

2 ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara

I recently discovered beauty brand ModelCo and I was very pleasantly surprised with their fiber mascara! The sleek tube comes with a built-in mirror for quick touch-ups or primping on the go. The mascara is a volumizing and lengthening formula so you get a double the pleasure in one quick swipe! The water-resistant formula makes for a long-wearing mascara without all the muss and fuss of a waterproof mascara!

3 L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer Mascara

L’Oreal makes some of the most amazing drugstore mascaras ever and their False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer mascara is no exception! Get false lash length and fullness at drugstore prices with their blend of botanicals and dual-length formula which contains the same material used to make falsies! Dressing your eyes up has never been easier!

4 D.j.v. Beautenizer Fiberwig LX

This lengthening mascara contains double the fibers to create your longest, lushest lashes ever! This easy-to-use fiber mascara envelops lashes in a fiber-rich formula that prevents clumping and smudges and even contains ingredients to strengthen your lashes! Even with all these lash-loving benefits, all you need is warm water and your mascara is history!

5 Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara

Want to add some drama to your life sans the scandals and gossip? Fairydrops mascara gives your eyes tons of length and excitement all in a chic little tube! Fairydrops has a volumizing sweat and water resistant formula that defines all types of lashes. Pair that with a patented brush and you’re sure to turn heads and give people something to talk about!

6 Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

This mascara takes your lashes to new heights with its volumizing and lengthening formula! Ladies with short or sparse lashes will appreciate the non-clumping, smudging or flaking formula that’ll literally transform your fringe. This fiber mascara is also formulated with olive oil and waxes to keep lashes soft and prevent them from becoming brittle.

7 Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara

Hailed as the first mascara to plump lashes from the inside out, Dior’s fiber mascara promises to create 3D effect by defining and expanding lashes up to 50% after application! But they didn’t stop there, this lengthening mascara also a patented ceramide that helps restore and reconstruct damaged eye lashes. You get dressed up lashes and with the added benefit of stronger lashes!

8 Jane Iredale Longest Lashes Mascara

Use this conditioning fiber mascara alone to get very natural, lengthened lashes or layer it with your favorite mascara for instant glam! At first swipe, this mascara might seem very lackluster but it’s buildable so you can add additional layers of this or another mascara without annoying clumps or flakes! An added bonus of this mascara comes in vegan and gluten-free shades so ladies living wheat-free or vegan lifestyles can enjoy!

We all knew that fiber was good for our diet but who knew they’d have such a dramatic effect on our eyes?! If you’re new to fiber mascaras, I think you’ll fall in love with the immediate length and allure it can add to your lashes! Do you use fiber mascara? What’s the best or worst fiber mascara in your opinion?

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