The Key to Looking Beautiful before You Head to Bed ...


Would you like to know some ways to look good before bed? You may have a partner that you would like to look nice for or you are just simply tired of looking scary at the end of a long day. Looking good will help you to feel better about yourself, too. These are 7 ways to look good before bed.

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Throw out the Ratty Sleepwear

One of the easiest ways to look good before bed is to throw out the ratty sleepwear. How is it that women will dress nicely during the day then climb into an old stretched out t shirt and pass out? You are worth more than that. Get rid of those unattractive pajamas. Go shopping for some new sleepwear that make you feel attractive.


Comb Your Hair

Of course you don’t want to style your hair before bed but there is no reason to go to bed without giving it some attention. If you have worn your hair up, take time to brush the crimps out of it. Don’t go to bed without giving your hair some thought. Just take the time to run a comb through it. You will feel much better about your appearance.


Wear Pretty Underwear

Pretty underwear can do so much for your self-confidence. It is amazing what a difference that it makes in how you feel. And you are worth the expense it may cost you. Take a day to go shopping for pretty underwear to wear all the time, both at bedtime and during the day. You will feel very lovely in your new underthings.


Keep Your Nails Done

It’s hard to feel attractive if your nails are all chipped and ragged. Make sure that you keep them filed and polished with a favorite nail color, if that is your style. If you are a girl that doesn’t favor having your nails done, that's okay, too. Just keep them neat and clean. The point is that you are putting effort into being well groomed.


Don’t Go to Bed with Makeup on

You may think that wearing makeup would make you look more attractive at bedtime but it really won’t in the long run. Not removing your makeup at night will cause your skin to be much more acne prone. Don’t obsess over your naked face. Learn to be comfortable with it and see the beauty in it. You can be beautiful with or without makeup.


Take Care of Your Skin

You will look nicer if you take good care of your skin. This includes removing your makeup at bedtime but also giving your skin the other attention it needs. Use a toner if you need to. And the importance of a moisturizer cannot be overstated. Moisturizer will keep your face feeling smooth and help prevent wrinkles.


Wear Body Lotion with Shimmer

I have fallen in love with shimmer body lotion. It is body lotion with just the tiniest bits of glitter in it. It is almost like glitter dust. It gives your skin a beautiful look. It comes in many different varieties in all price ranges.

These are just some different things you can do to look good before bed. Now, I would love to hear your secrets. What do you do to look good before bed?

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I always apply perfume before bed. I change the scent depending on my mood and I love it!

It is very important to look good for oneself and for men.

Hey guys can u help me with some suprise ideas for my bestfriend

Your views on how women should look, behave, speak, etc sicken me

Honestly? Who cares about look

Couldn't agree more, Erica.

Learning. Thanks

Other than trying to impress a new lover, I don't think it matters what a woman looks like going to bed. I personally look forward to throwing on a big t shirt and some shorts to sleep after being in not so comfy clothes during the day! I throw my hair up and I still feel happy and attractive because I feel like that mostly all the time :)

I wil wear very attractive underwear

Brush your teeth!

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