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7 Ways You Can Be Inspired by Julianne Hough's Beauty ...

By Alicia

Julianne Hough’s beauty is no secret. It’s easy to see how lovely she is. If you’re a fan of Julianne Hough’s beauty then you can certainly gain some inspiration. These are some tips on beauty that you can use for yourself.

1 Balance a Smoky Eye

One of Julianne Hough’s beauty secrets is that she knows how to balance a smoky eye. She wears a smoky eye beautifully and that’s because she’s figured out the trick to it. If you’ll notice, when she’s wearing a smoky eye, her lipstick is very subtle. She’ll wear a nude or perhaps a very neutral pink lipstick. She passes on any lipstick that would call attention to her lips when she’s wearing a smoky eye. She lets her eyes have center stage.

2 Don’t Let Your Eyebrows Get Wimpy

Another way Julianne makes sure that her eyes get the attention they deserve is by making sure her brows are groomed perfectly. Julianne isn’t shy about her eyebrows. She hasn’t allowed them to be waxed and tweezed down to nothing. She wears a full but feminine eyebrow and it looks great on her. If you’ve let your eyebrows get too wimpy, give them a bit of time and space to become a little stronger.

3 Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Julianne isn’t afraid of color in her clothing choices. While she can certainly rock neutrals, she often goes for color. The result is that she looks stunning. You can take some inspiration from this as well. Step out of the box a little when it comes to the colors you wear.

4 Try Her Favorites

I always love to get the scoop on what products celebrities use. There have been a few interviews with Julianne where she’s actually shared some of her favorite products. You can try them and see if you love them as much as she does. She shared in an interview with WebMD that her favorite mascara is Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal and that she also loves L’Oreal’s Crayon Grande Lipcolors. Since her eyes and lips are always beautiful, these products obviously work well for her.

5 Live an Active Lifestyle

Julianne doesn’t seem to view working out as the chore most of us see it as. Working out is part of her already active lifestyle. With a history as a dancer, exercise is something she’s very familiar with. While she does get her workouts in, she’s also said she likes doing active things for fun. You can try to live a more active lifestyle by enjoying things like taking walks after dinner or going out dancing with your friends. An active lifestyle leads to a beautiful figure.

6 Get Comfortable in Your Skin

You can be inspired by Julianne’s confidence. Of course she isn’t immune to feeling awkward but she always looks confident. You can do the same thing. Accept and love yourself. When you do that, you’ll feel confident and confidence always looks beautiful.

7 Eating Healthy

Julianne shares that she does her best to make healthy food choices. The thing about eating healthy is that it shows. Your weight will be in a healthy range, your skin will have a gorgeous glow and your hair will have a natural shine. It’s hard to cut junk food but the rewards are so worth it. And after a bit of time, you’ll probably find you’ve developed a taste for healthy foods.

These are 7 ways you can be inspired by Julianne Hough’s beauty. Which tips do you plan to try? I’d love to hear from you.

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