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3 Tried and Tested Ways to Get Longer Lashes ...

By Anjelina

There are lots of great ways to make your eyelashes longer. Have you ever stopped to look at a celebrity’s eyelashes and wonder if they’re real? Lashes have always been one of the many things girls love to compare with each other. Any eye makeup looks better when it’s finished off with long, feathery lashes. Unfortunately, not everyone is born blessed with naturally long lashes. The good news, though, is that you can always work your way to more flutter-worthy lashes. Check out these ways to make your eyelashes longer.

1 The Castor Oil Remedy

Castor oil has long been known as a great elixir for growing hair, be it on your head or your eyes and is one of the best ways to make your eyelashes longer. The good thing about it is that it’s completely natural and safe to use, especially when compared to all those chemical products out in the market. To grow your lashes using castor oil, make sure your eye are is clean first. Next, take a clean mascara wand or a Q-tip and dip it in castor oil then run it along the base of your lashes. Try to coat your lashes in castor oil, too. Leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning with lukewarm water.

2 Give Them a Little Lovin’

Your lashes may not seem like they need a lot of care and attention, but they actually do (if you want them to grow longer, that is). To stimulate the circulation of blood and promote growth, massage the whole of your eye area every night. Gentle, circular motions a few minutes before going to bed should do the trick.


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3 Fake It!

Don’t have the time or the patience to watch your lashes grow? Don’t worry. You can always fake it ‘til you make it. Using false eyelashes is, personally, one of the best ways to get longer lashes, but getting yourself a good lengthening and volumizing mascara works great, too!

Know any other ways to get longer lashes? Let us know so we can put it to the test as well!

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