Ways to Make Your Eyebrows on Fleek ...

By Carly

Ways to Make Your Eyebrows on Fleek ...

Are you looking for some ways to make your eyebrows on fleek? When it comes to the world of beauty, there are few areas of self-care that have had more publicity and attention over the last few years than eyebrows! The interesting thing about eyebrows is that the trends change much more quickly than most other areas of beauty and makeup. Whilst the smoky eye continues to be a staple look across the world, eyebrows have experienced a huge shift in preferred style from matchstick thin, to completely drawn on, to completely natural. Nowadays there is a tendency toward thicker, yet not overbearing brows, but however you choose to style them, there is one thing that you must do, and that is to make sure they always look great. Here are some of the best ways to make your eyebrows on fleek.

Table of contents:

  1. eyebrow brush
  2. gel
  3. brow tint
  4. clear mascara
  5. highlighter
  6. semi-permanent product

1 Eyebrow Brush

An eyebrow brush is one of the top ways to make your eyebrows on fleek. You will be stunned at the difference using an eyebrow brush can have! Simply running one over your brows can give them a much more appealing shape and texture compared to not using one at all. If you don’t use one every day, we are sure you’ve got one hidden at the back of a drawer or the bottom of a makeup bag somewhere!

2 Gel

If your brows are slightly longer and have the tendency to provide a few unruly strands as the day goes on, then you will definitely benefit from using some brow gel. You can get specialised gels just for your eyebrows, but in some cases, hair gel is a suitable alternative. Make sure to apply just a little bit though, as you don’t want to end up looking like some sort of circus clown with stuck down, over shiny brows!

3 Brow Tint

If you really want to make your eyebrows pop, then you can buy something called brow tint that can swipe on and leave a wash of colour that stands out, but still looks beautifully natural. If you are new to the world of brow care, then this can be a simpler alternative to getting intricate with pencils and pomades.

4 Clear Mascara

Clear mascara can be used to enhance the look of your eyebrows, and it usually a better idea than dark mascara because there is always the chance of overdoing it and making them look unnatural and garish. Clear can give them a glossy look without adding any aggressive colour.

5 Highlighter

Instead of applying products and colours directly to your brows, you can also work on applying shimmering highlighter around the area to enhance their shape with tricks of the light. Use it over the brow bone to really bring your eyebrow area to attention. It will also provide the added bonus of making your eyes really sparkle!

6 Semi-Permanent Product

Don’t be scared by the presence of the word ‘permanent’. We’re not talking about getting your eyebrows tattooed or anything; this just relates to a number of products that you can apply, which will stay looking new and strong for a few days rather than having to apply them every day! Good quality brow tints are a perfect entry point for this area.

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