7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Beautiful Today ...


You're beautiful the way you were born, but it's easy to forget that when you're bombarded by photos of photoshopped celebrities that spend hours in makeup chairs. That's why you need to remind yourself of how gorgeous you are by doing a few minor things. There's no reason to put them off, because you can do each and every one of them today!

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Avoid Looking into Any Mirrors

The first day that you take down your mirrors, you'll feel self-conscious, because you'll have no clue what you look like. However, after a few days without looking at yourself, you'll be able to imagine that you look beautiful, despite how your hair or makeup appears. Since most of us will have trouble avoiding reflective surfaces completely, then you can at least limit the amount of time you spend looking at yourself. Use mirrors in the morning to apply your makeup and then avoid them for the rest of the day.


Stand up Straight and Smile

Your body language can trick your brain into believing that you're happier than you actually are. That means you should stand up straight and smile all day long. It doesn't matter if you're lounging on the couch alone. You should still use proper body language in order to make yourself feel as beautiful as you look.



Exercising might make you feel disgusting while you're in the middle of the act, but after you're finished you'll feel rejuvenated. You'll even feel pride about accomplishing something that takes both body strength and mental strength. There's no better way to feel beautiful about your body than to push it to its limits, so stop making excuses for skipping your daily workout and move those legs.


Pamper Yourself

You'll feel as beautiful as ever after a day at the spa. If you don't have the time or the money to get a manicure or massage from a professional, you can paint your nails yourself and set a bubble bath. As long as it relaxes you and makes you feel your very best, it's worth doing.


Engage in a DIY facial using ingredients from your kitchen—like a honey and oatmeal mask for hydration or a turmeric and yogurt blend to brighten your skin. Put on your favorite, most luxurious pajamas and slather on a rich body lotion to give your skin some love. Light scented candles and play calming music to enhance the atmosphere, turning your living space into a sanctuary of peace and self-care. Remember, feeling beautiful is all about treating yourself with kindness and enjoying moments of tranquility.


Post Pictures on Social Media

You have permission to fish for compliments when you're feeling insecure. That means you should find the most gorgeous picture of yourself and post it on Facebook or Instagram for likes. The attention you get should boost your confidence.


Listen to Body Positive Songs

You don't want to surround yourself with negative people, because it'll urge you to be negative. It's the same with your music. You don't want to listen to negative songs, because it'll encourage you to think negatively. Listen to some body positive songs instead that'll make you feel amazing about yourself.


Wear Your Favorite Outfit

If you're feeling insecure, slip into your favorite outfit to lift your spirits. If that doesn't do the trick, you can try wearing your makeup or hair in a new style. When you look different than usual, you'll feel different than usual. It's a surefire way to feel beautiful.

We're all perfect the way we were born, but it's easy to forget that. That's why you should follow these tips in order to remind yourself of your true beauty. What are you going to do today to make yourself feel beautiful?

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No. 1 should b the oposite u should look more so u lov ur self and work on ur flaws

Besides, your mindset is what matters the most

disagrew with 5. dont depend on others for validation regardless of how u look

Here we go with another "selfie" suggestion. People post way too many images of themselves, and for what, others' approval?! Present yourself well and be confident regardless!

Yeah nothing wrong with checking out yourself in the mirror now and again so far as you are not obsessing about it

the only one was 7

Yeah that should be a tag. The no mirror challenge

Guys! This post is for those people who have less confidence in themselves or they feel they aren't beautiful! If u guys are confident please don't condemn this post! Posting on social media does make u feel good! Off course not compulsively but once in a while it feels great... And it doesn't have to be for others appreciation... They didn't mention that... It makes u see yourself and recognise ur self... If others see it well than Great! And the mirror is not a good thing for those in this situation... It's a reminder that u don't accept ur beauty... Shunning it for a while... NOT Foreva won't hurt! :) please don't feel offended! Thank you and have a FAB day

I wouldn't recommend uploading pictures to social media, if a certain person doesnt like it we suddenly feel like we're not good enough or something is wrong with the picture

Relaxing and being myself today made me feel beautiful. Especially with something comfortable your wearing

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