7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Beautiful Today ...

You're beautiful the way you were born, but it's easy to forget that when you're bombarded by photos of photoshopped celebrities that spend hours in makeup chairs. That's why you need to remind yourself of how gorgeous you are by doing a few minor things. There's no reason to put them off, because you can do each and every one of them today!

1. Avoid Looking into Any Mirrors

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The first day that you take down your mirrors, you'll feel self-conscious, because you'll have no clue what you look like. However, after a few days without looking at yourself, you'll be able to imagine that you look beautiful, despite how your hair or makeup appears. Since most of us will have trouble avoiding reflective surfaces completely, then you can at least limit the amount of time you spend looking at yourself. Use mirrors in the morning to apply your makeup and then avoid them for the rest of the day.

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