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Cool Tips on How to Afford Beauty Products for Gals on a Budget ...

By Leiann

Looking for ways to spend less on beauty products? Today's women have the option of in-store and online shopping, a luxury many never had. Both have strong points. Here are some ways to spend less on beauty products, no matter where you shop.

1 Coupons

Coupons are one of best ways to spend less on beauty products. You can always clip coupons the old-fashioned way. Often, there are hair care products, Noxema and Ponds coupons.

2 Clearance

Search for clearance items. Recently, I bought a Rimmel foundation on clearance for $2.74. To my dismay, my favorite eyeshadow by Wet n Wild went on clearance last week for $1.09.

3 Go to Dollar Tree for Your Basics

The store where everything is obviously a $1.00, you can’t beat some of their stuff. I mean, mascara is mascara. What about buying nail polish there? Huge selection. Do your own nails for a buck instead of a mani that costs $40.00 every other week.

4 Do You Ever Go to Drug Stores?

Hello, Wet n Wild! Super cheap with a huge selection of makeup and nail polishes, especially, eyeshadow and bronzer for a super glow.

5 Go to Family Dollar

LA GIRL foundation for $2.00! Super coverage.

6 When You Are Not in a Hurry to Order

Do your research. Compare sites, prices, online coupons, etc. to get the most for your money.

7 Have a Set Budget

It’s easy to get carried away online shopping! With so many sites and products to choose from, make sure you have a budget, just like going to the store.

8 Look for Free Shipping and Discounts

Just because you’re shopping online, doesn’t mean you can’t have some sort of money saving help. Most sites offer clearance sections and discounts just for going to the webpage.

9 Sign up for Newsletters, for Coupons, Alerts, Etc

You’ll receive tons of coupons, sale ads, maybe even early shopping advantages. And if you don’t like to, you can unsubscribe or just send them to junk.

10 Check out Facebook Pages

Facebook has tons of garage sale sites and even the Marketplace now where you can buy from others. It may be used but I know a lot of couponers in areas sell their stockpiles when they move - reap the benefits of their work by getting great deals on unused products!

11 Go to where there are $1.00 beauty products!

Yes, you did see that right! One DOLLAR beauty products!

12 A Bonus

Look on Pinterest for homemade beauty stuff or essentials that can come straight from your own home. For example, do you have baby shampoo or coconut oil? Both are good makeup removers.

13 Finally, Remember the Object is to save Money

Do NOT max out the credit card with online shopping because you think you found a deal. Consider using pre-paid credit cards to stick to you’re budget.


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