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4 Super Simple Beauty DIY Recipes ...

By Carly

Looking for some simple beauty DIY recipes? If you are somebody who likes to concern themselves with fashion and beauty, then you will be well aware that looking good can cost an arm and leg! Of course, we all have a natural beauty in us that comes completely free of charge, but there is no denying that when it comes to the must-have products and latest popular brands, things can start to get real pricey real quick! Unless, that is, if you know how to create some of these things by yourself! Why not try saving a few extra dollars here and there by replicating some of these four really simple beauty DIY recipes?

1 Dry Shampoo

You can easily make your own version of dry shampoo by mixing baby powder, cocoa powder and cornstarch or arrowroot. Go ahead and apply that mixture with an old brush and comb it through. It will look and feel exactly like the most expensive version in the drugstore! This is one of my favorite simple beauty DIY recipes!

2 Bath Soaks

No need to buy pricey bath bombs. You can have just as luxurious and relaxing a bath by taking a piece of muslin and combining your leftover green tea, chamomile, mint and other herbal leaves that you have lying around. Soak that in your hot bath just like a teapot and add in some essential oils for a wonderful smelling finish.

3 Makeup Remover

All you need to take your make up off like a pro is some olive or coconut oil. Trust me. Head to the kitchen and grab whichever one you have. You will never need to buy expensive removal wipes and fluids again!

4 Sugar Scrub

To make the very best DIY sugar scrub, all you need to do is combine some leftover cupboard sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil, ginger, nutmeg and clove. It will last for up to three months!

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