9 Ways to Sleep Your Way to Better Skin and Hair ...


9 Ways to Sleep Your Way to Better Skin and Hair ...
9 Ways to Sleep Your Way to Better Skin and Hair ...

If you count sleeping as one of your favorite pastimes and who doesn’t; I think you’ll fall in love with these genius tips on waking up to better skin and hair. Some might refer to these beauty tips as lazy girl beauty hacks, but the bottom line is, saving time and multitasking are smart! If you find yourself without much time to give your hair and skin a little extra love, you’ve gotta give some of these clever beauty tips a try!

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Apply Deodorant at Night

furniture, human positions, hairstyle, leg, sitting, If applying deodorant is part of your normal morning routine, it’s time to switch it up. Applying your deodorant or antiperspirant actually works better when you apply it before you hit the sack. This way, the product really has time to work its magic so it can offer you better protection for when you really need it during the day.


Sleep with a Humidifier

clothing, image, beauty, swimwear, dress, There are plenty of good reasons to sleep with a humidifier on with one of them being that it can add moisture back into the air to keep your skin hydrated and plump. This is especially important in you happen to live in a dry area or the heater’s blasting at your house. The benefits don’t end there, a humidifier can also be helpful in keeping your hair looking and feeling great, too.


Apply a Lip Mask

hair, black hair, face, eyebrow, person, Masks aren’t just for your face and hair, you can easily buy or make your own moisturizing lip treatment that’ll give you soft, supple lips. Mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with a tablespoon of honey, massage on the lips, and rinse off after 5 minutes. Bite Beauty also makes a lip mask you can apply before bed and you’ll wake up to smooth and silky lips.


Give Tontouring a Try

human action, human positions, person, image, sitting, If you’re a fan of the contoured look and haven’t tried tontouring yet, you’re missing out! You can wake up to chiseled cheekbones that last days. All you have to do is apply facial self-tanner with a makeup brush on your cheekbones before you go to sleep and you’ll wake up beautifully contoured with extra time to spare.


Deep Condition While You Sleep

hair, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, braid, Sometimes it’s hard to carve out extra time to leave a mask on your hair for 30 minutes. Good thing you can treat your hair while you catch some Zs! Apply some coconut oil to your ends or try Tony Moly’s Haeyo Zayo that looks like it belongs in your pantry rather than your bathroom counter. Don’t forget to cover your hair in plastic wrap or place a towel on top of your pillow.


Nourish and Nails and Hands

nail, finger, nail care, manicure, purple, Our hands and nails can really take a beating during the day, so they can use some targeted treatment to keep them looking and feeling good. For a DIY treatment, try mixing coconut oil and aloe vera gel and apply it to hands and nails before bed. Alternatively, you can buy Anatomicals’ Be Good With Your Hands In Bed Hand Cream for velvety-smooth hands in the morning.


Give Yourself a Facial Massage

hair, face, person, clothing, blue, If you’ve never given yourself a facial massage before, now is a great time to start. They feel good, increase circulation, has anti-aging benefits, allows for better absorption of skin care products, and is a fab way to unwind after a long day. Look for facial massage videos on YouTube and start incorporating this into your nighttime beauty routine.


Wear an Overnight Bun

hair, human hair color, eyebrow, face, black hair, There’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting a blowout, but keeping our hair looking fresh can be quite the challenge. Help preserve your blowout by sleeping with your hair in a looped bun. Gather your hair as if you’re going to make a ponytail, create a loop with the ends of your hair, and secure it with bobby pins or alligator clips. You’ll wake up to glamorous and sleek hair that’s ready to take on the day!


Apply a Sleep Mask

hair, face, clothing, person, facial hair, One last mask for your facial skin! Sleep masks or overnight masks are popping up everywhere and they’re an easy way to achieve nourished and hydrated skin without having to go through a multi-step skin care regimen. There are tons of sleep masks to choose from drugstore to higher end brands so we can all try this beauty trend without breaking the bank!

It’s easier than ever to use your bedtime as part of your beauty routine! Do you have any #Iwokeuplikethis beauty tips to share? How do you wake up to gorgeous skin and hair? Sound off in the comments below!

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I also love it

@Jackie the silk pillowcase is the best! I also think the humidifier is awesome. I bought mine at a aromatherapy store with some different scents and I am obsessed! So good for your hair and skin :)

The reason most deodorants nowadays work that way is because of the aluminum clogging your sweat glands. That's poisonous and can lead to long term problems.

Thanks for the lip moisturizer

I wouldnt put on deodrant either why not take shower instead

Any sleep mask suggestions?

I do almost everything except for the humidifier n I think using a deodorant at night doesn't help at all. One can try making a paste of baking soda n lemon n apply it overnight in your armpits n voila you wake up to fresh n clean n clear armpits

I read using deodorant might be the reason of cancer breast, that's the reason you should leave your pores breath clean AT LEAST at night.

Why would you sleep with bronzer on?

Make a DIY sleep mask. Pinterest/Google/you tube for some good homemade masks. I sleep on a satin pillow case to prevent lines& frizz. Keeps hairstyle in better, too

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