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Do you experience beauty rage whenever you see some girl with impeccable arches, her eyebrows on fleek while yours are sparse, patchy, or misshapen? I feel you. That struggle is real. Big, bold, beautiful brows seem out of reach, even with a makeup drawer full of pencils, shadows, and tinted gels. Extravagant plucking, too much waxing, over-enthusiastic threading, sinful shaving, genetics – whatever the cause, it's fixable. You can take your eyebrows from weak to fleek with a little know-how, patience, and willpower – promise!

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Put down the Tweezers

Seriously. I won't ask you to throw them away because that's too hard, but lock them up or something. Dump out the hot wax and cancel your threading appointment. You can't grow your eyebrows if you keep messing with them. I know that uneven growth, patchy spots, and stubble all suck, but this is a necessary step in the journey to fleek. Waiting for months is a nightmare, but it's worth it. Trust me. We're in this together.


Try the Row-Grow Method

This is for those stalkers who cannot stand the messy stubble and uneven growth patterns of their eyebrows. If you just can't resist the urge to trim, neaten, and maintain, try letting a row of your eyebrow hair grow in its natural pattern. You can get rid of the stubbled strays around that row as it grows in, but you don't touch the row itself. Once it's in, move on to the next row. You'll have neater eyebrows, you can still maintain them, and you won't be in danger of plucking them to death.


Operation: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is helpful because it scrubs away debris, but it can also stimulate your skin. Do it around your eyebrows and your new hairs can get through easier, even a little quicker. You can exfoliate around your brows with a soft brush or you can try a gentle scrub right over your eyebrows. Just make sure you go lightly, whatever you choose. If you scrub or rub too hard, you can irritate your skin and even loosen the brow hair you have.


Eat up

It goes without saying that you should drink water when you're trying to grow your eyebrows, since staying hydrated is like a health and beauty panacea. So let's move on to the foods you eat. Healthy eating is a given as well, but in this case you can eat specific foods to encourage and stimulate hair growth. In general, anything with omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, protein, iron, and vitamin B will help you. You'll be happy to know that lean meat and fish, avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, mangoes, and walnuts will all help your brow game. Don't skimp on the olive oil, either.


Slather on Serum

This method won't work for everyone, full disclosure. Some people have luck, some people don't see as much success. They can also get expensive, although there are various ways to score a deal. Eyebrow serums promise to stimulate new growth from the follicles themselves, so you can see why beauties with barren brows might want to try them. Need an affordable hack? You can try eyelash serum too.


Take Your Vitamins

If you don't want to use any serums, you might want to try taking vitamins. Adding the aforementioned foods to your diet will give you lots of vitamins and minerals that encourage hair growth, but you might also want to take a biotin supplement. Your hair and nails will benefit too! I haven't tried this myself, so if anyone can share their opinions or experiences, please do!


Hide and Conquer

Okay, this isn't a growth tip, but it will help you in the interim. I know how hard it is to leave growing brow hair alone, especially when stubble and odd growth patterns are involved. Just remember that concealer hides a multitude of sins and unruly hairs. Try a concealer pen and completely follow the shape of your eyebrow. This also helps when you're still filling in your brows.

This is an arduous, seemingly endless process, but you will notice improvements sooner than you think. Just a month ago, my eyebrows were patchy, thin, and generally driving me insane, which led to even more plucking. They've still got a ways to go but they're growing in and getting thicker by the day! It helps to have some brow-spiration, ideally someone you know whose brows are so on fleek, they look like works of art. Ask yours for help – and brow divas, offer your support!

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@Zanna extra virgin olive oil is known for darkening hair. But I'm not sure how much on really blonde hair. When I use it on my face it def darkens the brows but mine are a light ash brown naturally. It also darkens my hair on my head which I like because I am back to my natural hair color and that ash brown is a lil too light for my liking so it darkens it how I want it. Just be careful if u have light blonde hair above your lip, because the olive oil will darken that too. Another thing, tea tree oil is really good for hair. It promotes new hair growth , less breakage and takes it back to a healthy state. I'm in my early 40s and all these tips I have tried myself and do on a daily basis. If you do decide to use tea tree oil, use it with another oil because it I strong. The tea tree oil with ( I use) coconut oil will shrink your pores to the point you can hardly see them. I have oily skin and essential oils balances it out. Hope this helps :)

I agree with Misty here. I've been using castor oil only for the past 2 weeks and it's working. I've been growing my eyebrows for 19 months going into the 20th soon. Be patient girls they will grow. Even though you may get some weird glances


I seriously over plucked my brows my whole life. I needed to grow them back in time for my wedding. OMG did I look ridiculous, but you just have to be patient. I used castor oil too and I still use it. I think it's working, but not certain I'd swear by it. Also, why not cut bangs while growing your brows?

My brows are so blonde, they sparkle in the sun! Lashes too! Who ever said that blonds have more fun! Ha! I guess if you think tinting and penciling is great fun- then yeah... I think I'll see if castor oil makes them grow faster than the sun can bleach them. Maybe.....

@Misty thank you, I'll most definitely try these tips! So good to know!

Did the 90's trend... Pencil thin brows - so stupid!!! Once you get past like 35 your brows stop really growing AND they begin to thin out - all those secrets your mother never told you! I haven't plucked an eyebrow hair in years and they are finally coming back in! I will try castor oil this weekend!! Thanks for the tips!

My friend's been using biotin for almost a year now and she says it does wonders. She cut her hair shoulder lenght and in like 5 months its down to her breasts. Also her nails are super strong and long

I personally don't like to put meds in my body or take them unless I really need them like for surgery or being real sick. I'm half Native American and I really feel that we can do a lot with natural resources. I mean how did they do it before all these miracle pills and expensive rip off creams. Plus, I would rather spend my money on important things like fun with my family. This is just how I roll and I understand everyone is diff.

@Zanna & Denise, anytime :) I have a million tips so just ask. I will only tell u what I've tried and had success with so feel free to ask anytime and I'll continue to share unless they kick me off for sharing too many tips hahah

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