What's Normal Anyway? 8 Different Types of Nipples ...

By Sici

What's Normal Anyway? 8 Different Types of Nipples ...

Have you ever been watching a TV show or movie when there has been a topless woman in a scene and suddenly though, hey, wait a minute, mine don’t look like that! I’m talking, of course, about nipples. We seem to all be fully abreast (pun intended!) of the different shapes and sizes that our actual breasts can be, but what about the nipples too? The truth is that there are just as many types and varieties of nipple as there are eye colours! To help you see that you are normal no matter what you are rocking personally, here are eight different types of nipples.

1 Bumpy

It is super common to have little pimple like bumps around your nipples. They are actually called Montgomery glands, and we all have them, it’s just that they are more visible on some women than others. No matter how pronounced they are on your own nipples, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them!

2 Flat

Don’t be concerned if your nipples don’t stick out like some you see on other women, they are just as normal if flat. Rather than sticking out, they will sort of bend into the areola. They might become more pronounced and hard in times of temperature change or arousal, but mostly they stay pretty flat to your skin.

3 Puffy

This is the opposite of a flat nipple, when the whole nipple including the areola is raised from the breast to create a little mound or peak shape. They can sometimes get a little cone-like, but all of this is a really normal thing.

4 Inverted

Inverted nipples are exactly what they sound like, where the nipple looks like it actually goes into your breast rather than poking out the other way. You can often manipulate these to stick out more on occasion, but sometimes the whole nipple is inverted and that’s not a problem.

5 Hairy

Don’t be scared if you see a few rogue hairs around your nipples, more women have these than you think! It’s totally a hormonal thing, and you are free to pluck them or leave them alone as you wish!

6 Unilateral

Your nipples don’t have to be completely symmetrical and identical like twins. You might have one inverted and one raised, one with some rogue hairs and one without. The only time you should worry about this is if it happens all of sudden rather than how you have always been. Sudden changes need to be looked at by a doctor.

7 Combination

It’s not a ‘one type only’ kind of rule when it comes to nipples. You could have flat and bumpy, inverted and hairy, pretty much any combination you can think of!

8 Protruding

Protruding nipples are similar to puffy nipples, but different in the sense that they don’t result in that cone-like shape. It just means that the nipples a raised a few millimetres and can harden and look extra protruded from the flat areola.

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