Why do You Hate What You Look like in Photos?


Why do You Hate What You Look like in Photos?
Why do You Hate What You Look like in Photos?

Are you unhappy every single time you see a photograph of yourself? Most women are, even if they've already learned to love their reflection in the mirror. What's the reason behind that? Well, Elite Daily has figured it out:

"Here’s the deal. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we might feel like we’re looking at ourselves, but we’re actually seeing a mirror image of ourselves – which, in reality, is an inverse image."

However, whenever you get a picture taken of yourself, the end product won't have your features flipped. That means you'll be seeing yourself in a completely different way than you're used to.

"Have you ever wondered why you find your Snapchat selfies are more tolerable than the ones taken on your phone’s regular camera? Well, aside from the fact that it’s almost impossible to not look attractive under that third filter, the Snapchat lens does not flip the image to its inverse. When you use Snapchat’s front camera to send your bud a selfie, it’s going to send your mirror image – the one that you’re used to and sometimes even like."

You know what this all means? That you're more photogenic than you think! You're just accustomed to seeing a flipped image of your face, which is why it's so strange to see yourself in photos.

Do you actually like what you look like in pictures, or do you prefer your reflection in the mirror?

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I feel like all the little asymmetries are more obvious in photos, while I don't notice them in the mirror.

Wow, I needed too hear this! I want to be a model but as still struggling with seeing myself in photos

@k-dizzle it's because when you hear yourself you are hearing the vibrations of your voice through you jaw as well as from the air, the vibrations from your jaw reach your ears quicker and so you get 2 different frequencies. The voice you hear on a recording is more similar to your real voice.

Also public bathroom mirror...just never look good there 😬

This is so true! Wow

OMG!!! no wonder! I NEVER use my regular camera to take selfies. I always use my snapchat camera and save them lol

Both of these were some interesting points; about the way you look in photos as well as how your voice sounds in a recording. =) I feel enlightened by both pieces of information.

OMG makes so much sense lol

😩 I dread taking pictures, I'm so awkward at posing

I look absolutely awful in pictures, and I hide from the camera as much as possible. I'm often saying to myself, "I sure as heck don't see that in the mirror!"

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