Beauty Tips for Sick Days ...


When you're sick, you don't have the mental energy to spend a lot of time on your appearance.

You just want to lounge around in your pyjamas watching Netflix.

But you don't always have the luxury of hanging around at home, so what about those days when you still need to be on the go?

Here's how to handle sick days and still look good …

1. Keep Your Makeup Simple

Forget about applying a full face of makeup;

your skin is probably flaky and irritated, and you'll be blowing your nose all day.

Keep your base simple;

a tinted moisturiser will do the trick.

Then just use a little blusher to fake a healthy glow, and a touch of concealer to hide your red nose!2

If you want to use eye makeup, a neutral color is fine.

Quick Boosts save the Day
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