10 100 Years of Beauty Videos from around the World ...

By Jennifer

10 100 Years of Beauty  Videos from around the World  ...

If you haven't seen these videos, oh my gosh, you must watch them now! They're super-short but in each one, you get to see how the concept of "ideal" beauty's evolved in different parts of the world. They're just so amazing! Let's have a look...

Table of contents:

  1. episode 1: usa with nina
  2. episode 2: usa with marshay
  3. episode 3: iran with sabrina
  4. episode 4: korea with tiffany
  5. episode 5: mexico with reyna
  6. episode 6: philippines with april
  7. episode 7: india with trisha
  8. episode 8: russia with anya
  9. episode 9: italy with mackenzie
  10. episode 10: germany with brooke

1 Episode 1: USA with Nina

I watched this one with my grandmother and my mother, and we all agree: they nailed what beauty's looked like in the U.S. over the past 100 years! It's so interesting to watch!

2 Episode 2: USA with Marshay

Isn't it wonderful how two cultures and ethnicity sharing space in the same geographical area influence each other in so many ways, including beauty, but how different they still are?

3 Episode 3: Iran with Sabrina

I didn't realize how sudden the changes in Iran took place, but in the video, it's stark. But still, the gradual evolution of what women consider beautiful changes, even just in terms of what's considered modest.

4 Episode 4: Korea with Tiffany

This video is striking because of the split, and how beauty evolved in such different ways, even though the countries and women are so close to each other.

5 Episode 5: Mexico with Reyna

This one's so interesting to me, to see how close we are geographically, but how our concept of beauty was so different at the start... then as time went one, so similar!

6 Episode 6: Philippines with April

This video is fascinating, especially for the few decades in the early 1900s when whiter-then-white skin was all the rage.

7 Episode 7: India with Trisha

I love this one, because it starts off so different than how the video of the U.S. starts off... but it ends up so similar! Globalization of beauty? As long as it's not cultural appropriation, it's gorgeous!

8 Episode 8: Russia with Anya

This video confirms it: sexy, smoldering eyes are always in style, no matter what's happening politically... and women around the world will always, always be beautiful.

9 Episode 9: Italy with Mackenzie

This video just confirms it: for more than a century, Italian women have been a step (or five) ahead of the rest of us when it comes to style and beauty. Bellisimo!

10 Episode 10: Germany with Brooke

This one was just incredible, watching how both sides of the Wall developed different beauty norms, then how they combined... so symbolic, don't you think?

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