7 Divinely Traditional Beauty Treatments from 7 Different but Charming Corners of


Beauty Treatments that involve traditional recipes and natural elements are sure worth remembering, regardless of how advanced traditional medicine gets. In fact, the more we research and the more we know, the more we become aware of all the benefits of natural beauty treatments! So, if a fancy cosmetic company can whisk up a natural formula, bottle it and sell it for a price that definitely says “this is not synthetic junk (but don’t read the label, though)” why can’t we use the knowledge and homemade beauty treatments women from all across the globe have been using for ages? Yes, ladies, let’s use this time to dig through the past a little bit and explore all those wonderful traditional beauty secrets from all across the globe!

1. Castor Oil for Seductive Mile-Long Eyelashes

Country of Origin: Italy

Naturally beautiful and absolutely stunning in pretty much anything they decide to wear – Italian women are said to be one of the most beautiful women on the world! Their secret? Castor oil! A gorgeous set of thick, stunning eyelashes, the ones that could cause a hurricane and create their own seductive shade doesn’t just happen on its own and even when it does, it certainly needs a little push here and there. So, hop to the nearest pharmacy, pick up a bottle of good old castor oil and apply it on your eyelashes every evening before your sleep. This is one of those beauty treatments I’ve been practicing for a long time, ladies, and I have to say it really works like a charm so definitely give it a try even if you’re operating on a tight budget because castor oil is actually quite cheap and a standard bottle will last you a very long time.

White Tea for Overall Glow
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