7 Amazing 🔬Scientific Tips for How to Create the Perfect Bath 🛀 ...


Who knew that bathing was backed by science? Apparently, there is a right and a wrong way how to create the perfect bath. Doing things wrong probably won’t kill you, but making some positive changes can help you get the most out of your bath, both mentally and physically. With that in mind, I went to the experts and found the most common mistakes women make when they soak in the tub. Here they are for you. I hope they help you figure out how to create the perfect bath.

1. You Don’t Rinse off First

I know this sounds weird, but you should start your bath by rinsing with the shower first. Otherwise, you’ll just be sitting in a stew of all the germs, bacteria and other gross stuff clinging to your skin and hair after a day out in the world. Once you’ve rinsed, you can fully enjoy a bath and be clean when you get out.

You Forget to Wipe the Tub before Getting in
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