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7 Essentials for a Perfect and Relaxing Bath ...

By Alicia

You probably already have the essentials for the perfect bath at home. A relaxing bath can be the best way to end a long day. As the cares of the day soak away, you'll find yourself feeling relaxed and refreshed. Gather these essentials for the perfect bath and enjoy the stress relief that it can offer you.

1 Candles

Candles really lend an air of calmness to a bath. They help set the mood and give you the atmosphere you're craving. They can be any type of candle that you enjoy. Set them a few feet away from your bathtub and enjoy the dim lighting and lovely fragrance. Vanilla and lavender are both very calming yet mild fragrances to enjoy during a bath. Candles definitely make the list of essentials for the perfect bath.

2 Bath Salts

Bath salts help make your bath feel more relaxing. If you don't have any regular bath salts on hand, Epsom Salts can help to soak all your aches and pains away. If bath salts aren't your thing then you can try bath oil or bubble bath. The purpose of all of these products is to help make your bath more enjoyable. You can choose whichever product you love the most.


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3 A Bath Pillow

A bath pillow is an essential to having the perfect bath but I'll bet very few of you actually have one of these. If you don't, you can make one in seconds. A towel is the perfect stand in. Fold it over once more than you regularly do and you have a plush, soft bath pillow. I actually think a bath pillow made from a folded towel is more comfortable than a true bath pillow.

4 Your Favorite Beverage

It's nice to have your favorite beverage nearby when you're enjoying a good soak. Cold beverages seem to be more enjoyable than hot beverages. You're already soaking in a hot tub so adding a hot drink can be a bit too much. Of course this is completely about what's best for you.

5 A Good Book

For me, this is probably the most essential item for the perfect bath. A good book can make your bath so much better. Enjoy losing yourself in a lovely story as you relax in a tub of fragrant water. If you aren't a reader you may want to put on some favorite music or even some sounds from nature, like ocean waves or rainfall. Whatever makes you feel peaceful is what you're going for.

6 A Plush Bath Robe

It's positively lovely to step out of the tub and into a plush bath robe. The softness just wraps around you. It's the perfect way to end your relaxing bath. If you don't have a plush bath robe they're easy to find. You can buy one at practically any department store. Dollar stores even carry them.

7 A Favorite Lotion

Lotion is the perfect way to finish your bath. If you don't take time for this then you're missing out. Lotion feels like a treat to your skin. It makes your skin feel softer as well as adding a very subtle layer of fragrance that stays with you long after you apply it. If you want to give your skin a bit more moisture than a lotion offers, try a body butter.

These are 7 essentials to help you have a relaxing bath. What bath essentials are a must for you? I'm anxious to read your responses.

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