Hot Weather Beauty Hacks Every Woman Must Know ...


Our beauty routine needs change when hot weather hits.

The heat affects your skincare needs, your hair needs and even your makeup application.

These are some beauty hacks to get you through those beautiful yet steamy summer months.

With these hacks, youโ€™ll still look gorgeous no matter how high the temps go.

1. Protect Your Hair Color in the Pool with Leave-in Conditioner

When the days are warm, thereโ€™s nothing we want more than time in a refreshing pool.

It feels absolutely blissful!

But thereโ€™s just one problem;

pools arenโ€™t great for your hair color.

The harsh chemicals in pools can cause fading to your color or even leave you with that ghastly green tinge if youโ€™re a blonde like me.

Prevent that from happening by coating your hair with a leave-in conditioner before you swim and your color will stay beautifully vibrant!2

Protect Your Summer Manicures
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