Short on Cash? Here's Some Beauty Hacks!

Most women have times when they have to be careful what they’re spending on beauty products. Maybe you’re in college, living on your own for the first time or in-between jobs. Whatever the reason you’re short on cash, it helps to know some money saving beauty hacks. Here are 7 to get you started!

1. Replace Your Eye Makeup Remover with Baby Oil

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Eye makeup remover can be expensive! When you’re short on cash, you may not have money for a product that’s simply to remove eye makeup. You can replace pricey eye makeup remover with baby oil. It’s cheaper, works well and doubles as a moisturizing eye product. I know someone who’s used baby oil to remove their eye makeup for years and they’ve aged beautifully.

2. Dial Back the Hot Water to Have Softer Skin

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Many of us have dry skin because we take very hot showers. I love the feel of a hot shower as much as the next girl, but I don’t love what it does to my skin. You don’t have to take cold showers but dialing back the temperature to warm can make a huge difference. You may find you don’t need daily lotion when you do this. Applying lotion every few days instead of every day equals savings for you.

3. Exfoliate with a Good Old Fashioned Washcloth

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I love a good exfoliating product. But when you’re short on cash, those special skin treatments are usually the first thing to go. You can still give yourself an invigorating scrub without an exfoliating product. Use a washcloth to scrub your face with the slightest bit of force and you’ll have the gorgeous glow you’re dreaming of. If it hurts while you’re scrubbing then you’re being too rough.

4. Make a Hair Mask in the Kitchen

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Don’t you love what a deep conditioner does for your hair? But getting those silky smooth strands is pricey when you’re forking out $20 for a product. Save yourself some cash and make your own deep conditioner at home. You can make a hair mask by combining 2 whipped eggs with 2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil. Leave it on for 20 minutes, wash out and enjoy the compliments on your soft, shiny hair!

5. Stretch Time between Eyebrow Waxing Appointments with This Trick

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I was in Ulta yesterday and happened to look at the prices at The Brow Bar. To say it would cost you a pretty penny is putting it mildly. Wherever you get your brows done, you can go longer in-between wax appointments by staying on top of stray hairs. The very best way to do that is to tweeze your brows in the car. The natural sunlight illuminates every little hair.

6. Follow Beauty Bloggers for the Latest on What’s Great and What They Hate

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Beauty bloggers are amazingly helpful. They can save you oodles of money by giving reviews on products they try. My very favorite beauty bloggers are Kate from and Cara from I love them both and read their blogs faithfully. I’ve saved tons of money by listening to their reviews and very sound advice!

7. Become an Every Other Day Girl

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If you wash your hair every day then you’re spending a lot on shampoo and conditioner. Some women have to wash daily and that’s okay! But if you can, be an every other day girl when it comes to hair washing. It saves you money and it’s healthier for your hair. Spritz a bit of dry shampoo in or try an updo on your skip days.

These are 7 beauty hacks to save you money. What beauty hacks do you use when you’re short on cash? I’m excited to hear your ideas!

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