How to Look πŸ‘“ after Your Precious Eyelashes πŸ‘πŸ‘ ...


Not everyone is blessed with Bambi-like lashes but whether lush and long or sparse and spidery, it’s important to look after them. As well as being carriers of mascara to make you look extra gorgeous, they protect your eyes. This is how to look after your eyelashes.

1. Condition Them

Condition Them

One of the key ways to look after your eyelashes is to condition them. It’s obvious when you think about it. You condition the hair on the head to keep it healthy, so why not condition your eyelashes too? Applying a cold-pressed unrefined oil like castor oil or marula will help to strengthen your eyelashes, hydrating them and encouraging them to grow longer. Always make sure to use a clean finger when you apply the oil.

Growth Serum
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