8 Man-approved Beauty Products to Share with Your Guy ...


Men are so much more into grooming and primping these days that I made of list of some beauty products for him that he can borrow from you! There are definitely some beauty products out there that are solely marketed towards women but men can also benefit from them as well. While some guys just don’t feel comfortable with sharing things, these 8 beauty products that you probably already own are awesome finds for both him and her so feel free to share the wealth!

1. Facial Scrub

This man-approved beauty product is a great find for both him and her because all types of skin need the occasional exfoliation. There aren’t too many drugstore scrubs and many guys won’t go to the trouble of getting a high-end facial scrub so yours is all that’s left! Everyone likes smooth and soft skin so let him try it out, I bet he’ll be hooked!

Shampoo & Conditioner
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