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Make up experts have their favorite products are usually happy to share them with us, including these Korean beauty products that will do wonders for your look. As we all know, Korean women are always lovely and flawless and if we could just copy their routine, we too can have a radiant glowing complexion. So if you're asking yourself which Korean beauty products are worth your time and money, you are in the right place. Each item on this list gets rave reviews from the experts, who are absolutely obsessed with every single one of them. With these products in your cosmetics bag, you'll always look and feel your best. In the meantime, we can thank our friends at for sharing these fabulous Korean beauty products that are true miracles!

1. Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots

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"[These acne-treating dots] are every Korean girl's must-have blemish SOS item, so we set out to create this with the best pharmaceutical company to create one that is hygienic and all FDA-compliant," says Alicia Yoon. The tiny patches loaded with hydrocolloid "creates a moist healing environment to help acne heal faster without drying or irritating skin and draws out all the gunk in pores." You just slap one of these tiny, invisible stickers onto any pimples for a "a few hours, overnight or through the day" and apply makeup over it so no one will be the wiser.


Peach Slices Aqua Jelly Lip Mask
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