Simple Step-by-step Guide the Most Luxurious Bubble Bath of Your Life 🛁 💕 ...

There's nothing better at the end of a long, stressful day than a nice long soak in a very warm bath. But before you slip into the bubbles and forget your woes, make sure you're completely ready for relaxing by following these seven simple steps.

1. Make the Announcement

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Before you close and lock the bathroom door, make sure your sigoth, kids, roommates and basically anyone who might interrupt your me time knows where you're going, and that if they know what's good for them, to leave you alone.

2. Set It on Silent 📵

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While you're at it, set your phone on silent so you won't be bothered with phone calls, texts, and SnapChat notifications. They can all wait!

3. Use the Potty

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You won't want to sink into the warm bath water just to realize you have to pee, so make sure you use the potty when you get undressed.

4. Set the Mood

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Dim the lights, light some scented candles, and maybe play some soft, relaxing music -- all of these things will help set a calm, totally zen mood.

5. Try Some Tea

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If you like it, why not brew a cup of hot tea to enjoy while you soak? Or maybe a cocktail? Or hot cocoa? ☕

6. Not Too Warm!

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Now it's time to run your bath! Make sure to add bubbles or oil or treat yourself to a bath bomb. Whatever you put in, be careful you don't make the water too warm -- you could burn yourself or dry out your skin!

7. Top It off

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When the water gets cool -- you'll be in there a while, right?-- feel free to drain some of the old water and add new hot water. Ahh!

Are you ready to relax? What other steps would you take to enjoy the perfect soak?

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