5 Spices 🥄 to Include 👍 in Your Beauty 💋 Routine 🔄 ...


Did you know there are some spices to include in your beauty routine? We all want to have beautiful, smooth, glowing skin, right? We spend thousands on skin products and makeup, sometimes going for the most celeb-worthy, expensive cosmetics; and of course, we are willing to pay anything to always look gorgeous, and fabulous. It is very natural and a normal human desire to be happy and satisfied with our beauty. But sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, and stronger still than expectations because when you thought that you finally found the brand that would make everyone be in awe by your alluring complexion, your skin betrays you. And now the brand that you trusted is ruining your complexion. If this sounds like you, than welcome to the boat.

I have spent lots of money on beauty products and cosmetics, from expensive to cheap, always ending in the same result - allergies, and a lot of acne, and blemishes. Sick of it, I decided to go for organic home remedies. So I began to do research, and it all led me to spices. At first I was skeptical, but once I began using them, I haven't turn back. After all, we all want to look beautiful. Right? Here are the best spices to include in your beauty routine.

1. Turmeric

This Indian spice is amazing. Not only it will give you glowing skin, but it will also balance your skin tone, diminish wrinkles, and help you with skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. You can use it as a mask with honey, or as an astringent with lemon. But caution - it stains, so be careful when using it. I recommend using a paper towel to avoid staining your clothes. This is definitely one of the best spices to include in your beauty routine.

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