20 Subtle Ways to Increase Your Sex Appeal ...


There are lots of subtle, elegant ways to increase your sexy appeal. You don't have to drastically change your hair, your makeup, or the way you dress. You don't have to be ostentatious, overly bold, or uncomfortable in your own skin. Subtly, naturally increasing your sex appeal is quite easy, so easy that it will actually come naturally to you. You won't have to feel like a fake, trying to be someone you're not. Remember, sexiness is a state of mind, and if you project your own definition of sexiness, people will respond. So if you want to learn how to increase your sex appeal while still maintaining your own sense of self, just keep reading!

1. Pick Your Sexy

One of the best ways to increase your sex appeal is to pick your own sexy. What's sexy to you? Maybe you prefer something understated, perhaps you're a fan of old school Bohemia, or maybe you love the pinup girl style. You might even like some mix of conventionally sexy archetypes, which enables you to create something uniquely you. Just think about it for a little while, and determine what you think is sexy.

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