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7 Ways to Help Preserve Your Youthful Looks ...

By Alison

Wondering how to preserve your looks is something that most of us spend a lot of time doing. Who wants to look old before their time? There is a lot that can be done to stay looking young, even if we can´t fight the aging process forever. The aim is to look good, not like your own granddaughter, so forget cosmetic surgery, and consider instead these easy ways to stay looking young …

Table of contents:

  1. Stay in the shade
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Stay off ciggies!
  4. Decent diet
  5. Avoid frowning
  6. Skincare
  7. Top notch teeth

1 Stay in the Shade

Truly, I will not be happy until I have drummed this message into each and every reader. Be very, very careful in the sun! Limit your exposure as much as possible; even in winter and on cloudy days you can get a lot of damaging rays coming through. Dermatologists say that much of what people believe to be normal aging is actually sun damage, so to help yourself stay looking young, forget a tan, and just get enough sun to give you the essential Vitamin D.

2 Sunscreen

Sunscreen deserves a mention of its own because it´s so important. If you do like to enjoy some exposure to the sun, make very sure you are using sunscreen and that you are using it correctly. You also need to use the appropriate factor for your country or holiday destination, apply sufficient, and reapply frequently, especially after swimming.

3 Stay off Ciggies!

Cigarettes and excessive sun are the two worst things that you can do to your health and your skin. Aside from the health implications, why age your skin before its time? We can´t avoid the aging process forever, but there´s no sense in helping it along! So if you want to know how to preserve your looks, avoid smoking and sun if you do nothing else.

4 Decent Diet

If you live on fast food and treat fresh fruit and vegetables like an alien concept, your skin is going to suffer. Eating a good diet is essential in order to have good skin and keep it looking younger. So make sure you include lots of fresh produce and drink plenty of water. There are also other foods such as salmon that are considered to be helpful for the skin.

5 Avoid Frowning

Have you ever noticed that if you´ve been frowning a lot, you get lines between your eyes? When you´re younger these soon disappear, but as you get older they won´t vanish quite as quickly. So if you want to stay looking young as long as possible, become aware of when you´re frowning and iron out those little creases before they sart to set in!

6 Skincare

Dull and dry skin will not help you look young. So good skincare is important. But don´t bully it with harsh scrubs – use a gentler product sparingly. Try a face mask once a week, moisturise (you may need more in winter and less in summer), and ALWAYS remove your makeup at night!

7 Top Notch Teeth

Have you ever seen one of those makeover shows where someone with really bad teeth has cosmetic dentistry? It makes them look years younger. You don´t need to have teeth brighter than the sun in order to maintain a youthful appearance, but they should be clean and even. So have them regularly checked and cleaned, and consider any cosmetic treatment that may be necessary.

Maintaining a youthful appearance is possible when you know how to preserve your looks. There´s really no sense in aging before your time, so follow these tips and you can look younger longer. I can´t emphasise enough the need to avoid smoking and minimise sun exposure – but don´t avoid the sun entirely, just be sensible. Have you been given any amazing tips from your mother or grandmother on how to stay looking young?

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