7 Absolutely Gorgeous Beauty Tips for Redheads ...

As a ginger girl, beauty tips for redheads are important to me. There are lots of conflicting opinions about what redheads should and shouldn't wear, but the reality is that every redhead is different. There's no set of golden beauty rules that redheads should abide by. These tips won't be right for all redheads - it all comes down to your look and what makes YOU feel beautiful. But the following beauty tips have worked for THIS redhead, so here's hoping they'll be handy for others. Here are 7 absolutely gorgeous beauty tips for redheads!

1. Revel in Reds

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One of my favorite makeup tips for redheads is to bring the red lips on. You may have heard that redheads should steer clear of red lipstick. I say no way! I love to rock a bold, red lip and happen to think it looks amazingly sexy on redheads. Just be sure to pick a red that works with your coloring and choose a shade that isn't too matchy-matchy with your hair, which can be overkill. If you choose the right red, the contrast can be stunning! Plus, if you've got the confidence to sport a red lip like it's NBD, that self-assured attitude is an instant beautifier!

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