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5 Beauty Companies Owned by Black Women ...

By Carly

There are several beauty companies owned by black women. If you have been paying close attention, something that has been a really positive change in the world of beauty over the last few decades is the inclusion of and catering to black women. If you look at things like red carpet photos from ten or fifteen years ago compared to red carpet photos today, the difference in quality for makeup for women of colour is pretty astounding. This is in no small part down to the rising in the ranks of several different black female executives whose ideas and strengths are finally being listened to. To help you get an idea of the kind of progression we are talking, here are five brilliant beauty companies owned by black women.

1 Swivel Beauty
This is a wonderful discovery and booking platform that is designed for women of colour to find the best hairstylists in their area. Black hair, with its various textures and types, takes a little more expert care and attention than Caucasian or Asian hair, so it is important for women of colour to be able to easily seek out the kind of stylist that they are looking for. Booking a hair appointment has never been easier! This is one of the best beauty companies owned by black women!

2 Beauty Bakerie
Beauty Bakerie is a cosmetics brand that seeks to create products that are inclusive for all women, not just ‘most’ women. They sell products that cater to dark skin tones, including an undertone to match your face. This might seem simple, but the makeup game for dark-skinned women has been dreadful in comparison to light and white skinned women in the past. The beauty of Beauty Bakerie is that they will not release a product line unless they know it can cater to all skin types from black to porcelain white! A bonus is that the products are cruelty-free.


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3 Catherine Marion
This is a one-stop shop for natural hair products for women of colour. The company makes organic and environmentally friendly products for women with unruly or kinky hair, and also for protective wigs that feature a natural texture or real hair. For so long the options for black hair were limited to products filled with harsh and harmful chemical, but Catherine Marion’s collection of earth-based products is significantly healthier.

4 Kreyol Essence
This is a company that brings 100 percent ethical and natural beauty products to the world, all from the beautiful country of Haiti. The products contain signature ingredients like moringa oil and Haitian castor oil, specifically designed to hydrate tightly curly hair and moisturise dry or ashy skin. The company helps to create jobs for over 300 women and farmers across Haiti.

5 Neveen Dominic Cosmetics
This company aims to dissuade black women from bleaching their skin to attain a more ‘fashionable’ look by offering a range of cosmetics that enhance the beauty and richness of a darker complexion. Their most prized product is their range of foundations, boasting deep, luscious shades that achieve a lightweight feel despite being highly pigmented. Perfect!

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