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7 Beauty Ideas You Can Learn from Kids ...

By Alyssa

When you were a little kid, you did absolutely any and everything that made you feel fabulous, which is why I’ve decided to take you back there and give you a beauty lesson through nostalgia with 7 beauty ideas you can learn from kids. It’s like learning from yourself. So pull out that old beauty kit, sit back with your Hair Stylin’ Suzie doll, and travel back to yesteryear with 7 beauty ideas you can learn from kids.

1 Have Fun with It

I start the 7 beauty ideas you can learn from kids with a twist on on your memory. If it wasn’t fun, you didn’t do it. Remember that? You weren’t so serious about your eye shadow matching your purse. Or making sure that your nails were perfect. Go out and buy a bright purple mascara. Rock this spring’s electric orange lips. Have fun with your cosmetics.

2 Go Ahead Play with Your Makeup

Far too often do we buy a whole bunch of cosmetics products that we only plan on using in a rush in the morning, or in a rush to a date. But how often do we really pull everything out, sit down, and have fun "painting" our faces? Experiment with bright lips and mix matching blushes. Don’t be afraid if your nail colors don’t match. Put on whatever color you are most drawn to. Be a bold beauty risk taker, and most of all don’t care who sees you. Which leads me to my next point...

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3 Don’t Care What People Think

Sure, with my first two points you can stay inside and feel like a carefree kid, but where’s the fun in that? When you were a kid you would have wanted to go out and show it off! When I was a little girl, my favorite thing was going through my mom’s makeup drawer, and then I was gifted my own make palette (which my mom had originally thought was plastic). I was 4 and I smothered my face in a rainbow of synthetic color, from bright blue eyes to magenta lips, and when I was done I popped out of my room wanting a billion pictures taken of me, and every family member and neighbor to see how BEAUTIFUL I was. Grab that amazing confidence and run with it. That sheer confidence can win you anything, from promotions to men (hey, that’s how I won Mr. Man).

4 Back up to Playing with Your Makeup- Don’t Leave out Your Hair!

Remember when you used to have all those convos with your friends waiting in the line at recess about what color you were going to dye your hair? And that YOUR mom had totally said it was ok for you to get purple highlights (sure she did)? How many of you would feel brave enough to actually play with your hair on the same whim, with a funky cut and color? Now I know plenty of women as adults who aren’t afraid to do this (and look amazing too), but for every woman I know who’s brave enough, I know three more who aren’t. Hair chalk is washable, ladies (and you would have killed for it as a kid). So play with your hair and go for the big cut and color. Remember: "off... all off" (gotta love Audrey inspiration).

5 Take Naps

Sure, they weren’t voluntary. And sure, I don’t have to do much convincing to make you take one. But count this as your reason next time you want to take a nap but just can’t seem to find an excuse. A nap as short at 20 minutes can perk up your skin, make you more alert, and de-stress you (aka less wrinkles). Oh how I LONG for the days my roommate and I would come back from class, slip on sweats, climb into our warm beds, and sleep until dinner. Roomie naps and buffalo chicken pizza. Don’t take those for granted, kittens.

6 Wash Your Face (and Brush Your Teeth)

Another habit you had as a kid that wasn’t so voluntary, and this one I do have to convince you of. So many women go to bed without washing off their makeup, or washing their faces in general! And then they wonder why they have wrinkles and acne. My mom always taught me that one of the most important things you can do at the end of the day is washing off your makeup. Need more convincing? It’s also the biggest beauty rule Beyonce’s mom taught her (true story- look it up). Also brushing your teeth prevents cavities - ew.

7 Don’t Forget to Sparkle!

You were totally not afraid of sparkles when you were a kid! I know it. Someone brought glittering pixie dust out, and like it was crack; you wanted it all over you. Now I don’t promote putting glitter everywhere (or snorting crack), but don’t be afraid to put it on some sweet and sexy places. Incorporate it in your hair, or sweep it on your décolletage for a sexy take. Just remember that glitter is the herpes of the arts and crafts world: just when you think you’ve gotten rid of it, it comes back in the most random places. So with that, remember that most guys were not all over glitter when they were boys, therefore when they find random to copious amounts of glitter in the bed, they don’t get as excited (excerpt from the dating biography of me and Mr. Man).

So now that I’ve managed to take you back to memory lane, I hope you feel a little more inspired to take some beauty risks. Have fun, be confident, and don’t be afraid to shine! What was your favorite beauty moment when you were a kid?

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