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7 Old School Beauty Tips You Might Want to Try ...

By Eliza

Old school beauty tips might be something from your grandma, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work for you too. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. There’s a reason those beautiful older ladies are still using them – and that’s because they work. So, go ahead and try one or all of these old school beauty tips and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

1 Cucumbers on the Eyes

You’ve probably seen those beautiful movie stars from yesteryear lying about with cucumbers on their eyes. That’s because cucumbers can really help depuff the area under your eyes and are probably one of the best old school beauty tips you’ll find. Cucumber slices are full of moisture and they’re cold, which is the magical combination for reducing puffiness and making you look well-rested no matter how much sleep you got last night.

2 Rose Petals for Lipstick

A long time ago, women used to rub a rose petal between their fingers and use it to stain their lips. I know you can great shades of lip color at virtually any drugstore or make-up counter, but if you’re stuck without one, a couple of rose petals can be a great stand in. Plus, you know that roses are natural and organic and don’t contain some of the chemicals and dyes that traditional lipsticks do.

3 Cold Water Rinse

Splashing your face with cold water helps close the pores, which seals in your product and keeps dirt and bacteria that cause acne from getting in. After washing your face with warm water and your favorite cleaner, give it a splash or two with ice cold water. You can also use this technique on the rest of your body if you can stand that blast of Arctic water at the end of your shower.

4 Vaseline

Vaseline was once used for more than just softening and soothing chapped lips. Movie stars of old used it to give their eyelids a great sheen and shine instead of wearing eye shadow. It’s also been widely used after a long, late night for preventing puffy eyes in the morning. Simply swipe it under your peepers before bed and you’ll wake up looking refreshed and ready for the day.

5 Baby Powder

Instead of spending all that money of pricey dry shampoos, just pick up a container of baby powder at the drugstore. That’s what the gorgeous women of long ago used to soak up the oil in their hair and on their scalp when washing it wasn’t an option. Simply sprinkle a small bit into your hair and massage it through. The powder absorbs oil and gives your hair a clean, voluminous look in no time.

6 Sugar to Exfoliate

Personally, sugar is my favorite product for exfoliating my skin. I love to use it mixed with a bit of olive oil. Little did I know that this was the go-to method for sloughing off dead, dry skin in generations past. I like it because it’s totally natural and doesn’t expose my skin to the often harsh chemicals in many skincare products. Before all those wonder products hit the market, women had to make do. I think sugar is the right choice here, don’t you?

7 Rags Instead of Rollers

What did women use to curl their hair before electricity came to homes and electric hot rollers were invented? They used rags! If you’re intrigued by heatless hair styling, try rolling your damp hair in strips of fabric and leaving them overnight while your hair dries. Spritz it with a bit of hairspray or leave-in conditioner if you like. When you remove the rags, you’ll have curls to die for!

Do you use any of these tips? Which one do you think you’ll try?

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