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8 Beauty Products That Make Your Skin Glow ...

By Lisa

If you feel like your skin is lacking a little luster, try out some of these shimmery beauty products that make your skin glow! There are lots of little touches we can make to our beauty routine to make ourselves look even more radiant and beautiful! Check out these 8 beauty products for glowing skin and shine like the sun!

1 Blush

The first step in learning how to make your skin glow is using blush! With just a swipe of the brush, you can instantly wake up your complexion and warm up your face. Even if you’re not crazy about blush, try using a sheer color with a little shimmer. It’ll make your face luminous and I think you’ll l fall in love with the subtle but shimmery glow!

2 Bronzer

Bronzer is usually the go-to product to contour the face and add some color. It’s also one of the many beauty products that make your skin glow! It comes in no shimmer and shimmer bronzer and both of these babies can give your face a kiss from the sun. Use bronzer to contour and slim your face or just add it to your forehead, temples and cheeks for a quick faux tan!


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3 Highlighter

One of my favorite shimmery beauty products to illuminate and perk up my face is the highlighter. Highlighters come in a liquid, cream or powder form and are offered in very sheer colors to match your skin tone. Dab on some highlighter on your cheeks, temples, the eye area and your Cupid’s bow for a dewy, sexy look.

4 Shimmer Body Mist

If you want to know how to glow like a superstar, try a shimmer body mist. Most shimmer body mists have a lovely fragrance and can be used to add instant glamour and just enough sparkle to your body. Great places to add shimmer are your legs, neck, chest or arms. Don’t worry, a few spritzes of shimmer spray won’t have you looking like Ke$ha’s body double!

5 Body Scrub

So before we start glamming up our faces and bods with all these lovely shimmery beauty products, we need to give our skin a good polish with a body scrub. Body scrubs are essential year round to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal fresh skin. Gently exfoliate your face and body weekly to show off your radiant and healthy skin!

6 Spray Tan

Spray tans are one of my most treasured beauty products and inventions. How else could we fake going on a tropical vacay in mere minutes?! Spray tans not only give our skin a glow, but it can help us appear slimmer, even out skin color and has been known to give us a boost in confidence! Just because we don’t spend hours out in the sun doesn’t mean we can’t get a sun-kissed look!

7 Shimmery Shadows

One of the unexpected beauty products that make your skin glow is eye shadow. You can easily warm up your look with shimmery and eye-brightening eye shadows. One word of caution though, if you plan on using other shimmery beauty products, choose one feature to showcase because shimmery makeup tends to enlarge features. Look for warm colors with a dash of sparkle as seen in the Urban Decay Naked palette and glow, baby, glow!

8 Tinted Body Lotion

Applying a tinted body lotion is a quick and simple way to give your skin a subtle glow and conceal minor blemishes. Tinted body lotion gives your skin a slight tan and some even contain a slight shimmer so your body will look toned and tanned when you’re wearing dresses and shorts. If you’re intimidated by bronzers and at-home spray tans, try a tinted body lotion.They’re easy to apply and you can get glowing results!

No matter what time of the year, there are plenty of beauty products that make your skin glow and glimmer! All of these beauty products can give fall skin a much-needed boost and create the illusion that you’ve been vacationing in the islands. Do you use any of the beauty products to make your skin glow? Do you have any tips on creating a sexy, faux glow?

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