7 Beauty Products to Keep at Work ...

By Alicia

7 Beauty Products to Keep at Work ...

It’s good to keep some beauty products at work. After all, a large percentage of your time is spent there. These beauty products can help you out in an emergency or for a general touch-up throughout your work day. Everyone’s list of beauty products to keep at work may vary a bit but these are some to consider.

1 Mascara

Mascara is a must on the list of beauty products to keep at work. This’s especially true if your eyelashes or pale or wimpy. If you have one of those mornings where you forget to apply mascara, then having it at work this can save the day. If you’re one of those lucky lasses that’s blessed with super thick, long lashes then this may not be a necessity for you. For the rest of us, it’s at the top of the list.

2 Deodorant

Deodorant is a beauty product that you definitely want to keep at work. Actually, it may fall more along the lines of hygiene products but I don’t think anyone would argue with the importance of it. If you get to work and discover the new brand you’re using isn’t working then having it there can be a lifesaver. You also could be in the spot of discovering that you forgot to wear it at all. Having deodorant at work can save you from embarrassment.

3 Perfume or Body Spray

Sometimes you just want something to help you feel fresh. Your favorite perfume or body spray is a good choice for that. A spritz at midday can help you to feel as clean as you did before your workday began. It’s also a nice treat for your senses. Putting a spray of your favorite perfume on is an instant mood lifter.

4 Mouthwash

So you went out with the girls for lunch at your favorite Italian place and now all you can taste is garlic bread. Worse, you’re afraid you’re going to offend others with your garlic breath. Mouthwash can help you out in this situation. It gets rid of the taste and the smell. It also makes you less likely to nibble on snacks during the second half of your day because you won’t want to lose that minty freshness.

5 Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is a good choice to keep at work. It can handle several skin issues. It’s great for covering up blemishes, touching up your makeup, cutting down on shine or filling in when you didn’t have time for makeup at home. It’s even good at helping you fix your face if something made you cry. It’s a beauty product you don’t want to be without in the workplace.

6 Lip Balm

We all have our beauty products we absolutely have to have at work and this’s one of mine. I can’t imagine going through a work day without lip balm, especially in the winter months. Lip balm has a reserved spot on my desk just like it does my nightstand. If you’re a lip balm junkie then you get this. There’s nothing worse than dry, cracked lips.

7 Hairspray

Even if you start out having a great hair day, many things can come along to wreck it. The rain may ruin it, it could fall from your carefully constructed messy bun or any other number of calamities may overtake your ‘do. When this happens, wouldn’t it be nice to have a can of your favorite hairspray stashed at work? It can help you salvage your hairstyle. Even if you escape any hair disasters, it’s great to have hairspray there for a quick touch up or to handle fly-aways.

These are 7 beauty products to keep at work. Which are a must for you? I’d look forward to reading your answers.

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#'s 2,3,5,6,&7 I keep at work


foundation should be on this list!


A good tip for getting rid of garlic taste/breath is green tea! Works like a charm!


I carry lipstick/gloss with me if i wear it that day, otherwise i can't live without my EOS.


Great guide!!! :)


I always keep lip gloss, lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer, gum and floss in a cute makeup bag in my desk.


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