Beauty 💄Products to Always 💯 Bring to School to Look Pretty AF 🏫 ...

When you go to school, you want to be prepared for beauty mishaps, right? That makes it important to have a plan and the tools necessary to fix issues before anyone notices and you get totally embarrassed. There’s nothing worse than someone calling attention to your bad hair day! Whether you’re still trolling the halls of your high school or you’ve moved on the paths of a college campus, these are the beauty products you should always carry with you. That’s one less thing to worry about!

1. Your Hairbrush or Comb Will Be a Lifesaver

What if you go out to lunch in your bestie’s convertible or it’s a really windy day? Messed up hair is obviously going to happen. Instead of staying inside, go ahead and enjoy being out and about during the day. Having your brush or comb with you means you can make quick touch-ups to your style when you need to. Don’t ever be caught without it!

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