10 Beauty 💋 Secrets 🔒 of French 🇫🇷 Women ...

Want some beauty secrets of French women? Don't we all!
This article will help you to understand a French woman's mindset when it comes to beauty. Now that you have these beauty secrets of French women, you will always look your best.

1. Do Not Brush Your Hair Too Often

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Definitely not every day as it will break the effect of “wake up hair” and decrease the volume of the hair. This is one of my favorite beauty secrets of French women.

2. Feeling Good in Your Skin

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Moisturize you face and your body. Do not forget about SPF. During the day spray your face with thermal water. If you take care of your skin, you do not have to put on makeup. And you will let your skin breath.

3. Do Not Touch Your Face

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Irritation is avoided when you do not touch your face during the day. French women pay much attention to that.

4. Spf for Neck, Face and Hands

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These are the sensitive areas that should be moisturized and protected. You will postpone the aging process.

5. However, Aging is a Part of Life

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No cosmetic surgery, no injections. You have to save the uniqueness of your face.

6. Make Your Beauty Routine a Pleasure

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Take a bath and enjoy it. Turn on the relaxing music and make tea as well as a face mask. And forget about life for a few minutes.

7. Look at Ingredients

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Choose natural ones.

8. Drink a Lot of Water

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Most people on this planet are dehydrated. It is very easy. Your face and body will look better with water.

9. Be a Great Version of Yourself

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You can do it!

10. Do Not Talk about Your Beauty Secrets

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French women talk about it only with their best friends. Perfume is a big secret of French women.

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