12 Amazing Tips for the Most Beautiful Healthy Eyes ...

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12 Amazing Tips for the Most Beautiful Healthy Eyes ...

The magic and the seductive power of our gaze truly lies in the care we give to our eyes and the gentle skin around the eye area. And this is something we all should learn to do if we want to achieve amazing expressive eyes that good eye makeup can only enhance.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul - as the popular saying goes, and it is absolutely true, since through our eyes we express, often without knowing it, our deepest states of mind. The eyes also reflect the most complex sensations and feelings.

This is why taking care of our eyes, from the physical and aesthetic point of view, is very important. So, let's look into what steps we shall take to take care of our eyes and let them be as beautiful and luminous as possible:

1 Visit the Ophthalmologist Regularly

The first step is to visit the ophthalmologist at least once a year, especially if you wear glasses or colored contact lenses. Exaggerated mimicing should also be avoided, as it is known to speed up the appearance of small expression lines that later turn into wrinkles.

2 Protect Sensitive Skin Arount the Eyes

Bear in mind that the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive, as it lacks glands that secrete fat; It is therefore important to use mild nourishing creams and not expose it directly to the sun, even if you have applied sunscreen. Always protect yourself with appropriate glasses and hats, if needed.

3 Opt for a Balanced Diet

Food also plays an important role in eye care: eat a balanced diet, try to get enough sleep and rest, put stress aside and remove makeup with great care and with the help of the right products.

4 Avoid Abrasives

Also avoid using abrasive cosmetics; And if you feel any discomfort, never rub your eyes, especially if you are wearing makeup. When a foreign object is introduced, the gentle surface of the eye can accidentally be injured, sp do not hesitate to see a doctor if the discomfort lingers.

In cases of irritation, it is also necessary to consult a doctor, so that they can prescribe the necessary treatment. It is never a good idea to self-medicate in this case.

5 Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses

And if you need glasses and for aesthetic reasons you do not want to use them, lean towards contact lenses, but always maintain a rigorous hygiene.

6 Eyelash Extensions

If you want to wear eyelash extensions, wear only the best ones. We recommend to use the best false eyelash brand for your eyes' health sake, the better the quality of the material from which they are made, the better it will be for your eyes in the long run.

7 Do Not Strain Your Eyes

When reading or writing, do so with good light behind you; Straining your eye sight in a dark room is detrimental to the health of your eyes.

8 Eye Creams and Eye Gels

At the first appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, resort to light eye gels; If the wrinkles are very marked, use eye creams and concentrates with stronger and deeper penetrating ingredients twice a day, once before putting on makeup and once before sleep, to ensure their action.

These eye creams, gels or lotions help cell regeneration and leave a film on the skin's surface that acts as a barrier against sun, dust, makeup and pollution, which are the true wrinkle-forming agents.

9 Eye Disorders

This alteration can occur for multiple causes: the way you sleep, hereditary factors, improper diet, fluid retention or ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

In cases like these, it is advisable to sleep with several pillows to avoid the accumulation of water in the eye area. Mineral water should also be taken, as it helps hydrate the skin and activates circulation.

10 Treating Puffy Eyes

• Store used tea bags in the refrigerator and put them over your eyes in the morning for 15 minutes. Chamomile and calendula are also ideal to combat bags under the eyes. Apply these cotton rounds soaked in these teas over your closed eyes; You can also drink two cups of calendula water a day. The results are generally very satisfactory.

• Cold gelatin masks also help deflate puffy skin around tired eyes; apply for 10 minutes. You can also use the cucumber slices or the cold spoons, previously placed in the refrigerator.

• Get regular massages. Place the middle finger under each of the inner corners of the eyes and rub gently from top to bottom and from one side to the other to disperse concentrated congestion in this area.

To relax the nerves in your eyes, vibrate your fingers at your temples like a drum. Follow this procedure in the morning and in the evening, using a little eye cream or creamy moisturizer. This massage decreases inflammation and helps smooth lines that dryness has created.

11 Treating Bags under the Eyes and the Dark Circles

If you want to reduce the dark circles, use a brush with a concealer cream that is a shade slightly darker than your skin tone and fill in only a third of the bulge in the bag, without touching the area under the lower lashes. Blend carefully.

This area is very delicate and fine; it should be pressed gently, without ever stretching the skin; When you're done applying concealer, spread your usual foundation over it.

Although makeup does not have anything magical, it must be recognized that there are some products that achieve an immediate effect: this is the case of creams that correct dark circles. You can wear eyelash extension to get a youthful look easily, and draw attention away from the under eye area in case you are going to an event.

As for the correcting color, choose a neutral tone, beige or ivory, slightly lighter than the natural tone of your skin, and take special care with regard to the texture, which must be creamy and smooth to be applied easily.

Dry or sticky corrective creams will deepen existing lines, helping to dry out your skin.

12 Tips for Crow's Feet

Overtime, in the corner of our eyes we start noticing very fine lines that are usually referred to as crow's feet.

To make them less pronounced, products that have the property of reflecting light are used and are applied in the corner of the eye; to top it off, you can use liquid foundation of your choice. During the day the eye area can be touched up with a little bit of a luminous cream. Never apply powders in this area, as the powder might set into the lines and make them more pronounced.

Remember that enough hours of sleep and stress-free living are the best remedies to avoid wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

When you feel stressed, do this simple exercise: close your eyes, rest for a few seconds, and then open them as wide as you can so that you feel your muscles strain.

Also, you can use a mix of olive oil, milk and rose water and apply around the eyes to rest them.

Hopefully you will find the tips above very useful in your everyday life. Please stay tuned for more!

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