7 Beauty Tips for Long Luscious Lashes ...


7 Beauty Tips for Long Luscious Lashes ...
7 Beauty Tips for Long Luscious Lashes ...

Get noticed and make your eyes standout with these 7 beauty tips for long luscious lashes. These fabulous fringes top most women’s must-have beauty wish lists, but not all are luck enough to have them naturally, which is why these beauty tips help to create high-impact lashes in just a few new simple steps in your existing beauty routine. So forget those flashy falsies and transform your natural lashes into batting beauties with 7 beauty tips for long luscious lashes.

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Lash Serum

Lash Serum One of the best beauty tips for long luscious lashes is to use a lash serum. Lash serums are the new wave in growth solutions for long luscious lashes. These clear liquids are applied to the lashes and lash line like a liquid eyeliner for longer, stronger lashes. Lash serums contain a form of amino acid called peptides, which stimulates and encourage hair follicle growth. While there are a wide variety of formulas, the best thing about most lash serums is that they can be worn underneath mascara to nourish lashes throughout the day while boosting lash growth. For best results, use underneath mascara during the day and apply once before bed.


Curled up

Curled up For maximum lash length every time, use an eyelash curler before applying a few coats of mascara. Begin by positioning an eyelash curler as close to your lash root as possible without pinching your skin. Clamp the tool down gently and hold in place for a few seconds. Afterwards move the curler slowly a little further out from the root and clamp down once again. Depending on how much curl you want for your lashes repeat this process one more on the tips of your lashes for added drama.


Maximum Mascara

Maximum Mascara For a quick and easy temporary solution for long luscious lashes, opt for a volumizing mascara to work onto your lashes, day or night. Opt for a mascara wand that’s specially designed to reach every corner of your lashes for maximum coverage. Take a volumizing mascara and hold the want at the base of your lashes. Slightly wiggle the wand back and worth, then work your way straight up to the ends for even coverage and eyelash definition. The trick with mascara is to always apply two coats and to let the first coat fully dry before applying the second.


Brush It out

Brush It out Brushing your lashes with a comb helps separate lashes for a defined, natural look. A lash comb is designed to sweep through lashes, removing any mascara clumps and sticky lashes to create long individual lashes. Use this tool after every mascara application but just be sure to clean thoroughly in-between uses for a clean brush every time.


Oil up

Oil up Applying olive oil, vitamin E oil or even Vaseline has been proven to work for successful lash growth. By oiling up before bed you give your lashes enough time to absorb the oil overnight. Dip a mascara-free wand into the oil and gently brush your eyelashes as you would when applying your mascara. Brush them through several times and remove any excess oil by patting your lashes dry with a cloth. Make sure to wash off the oil in the morning before applying mascara for noticeably longer lashes.


Time to Trim

Time to Trim This beauty myth gets several mixed reviews when it comes to growing long luscious lashes. A small trim may help to stimulate lash growth and result in longer, fuller looking lashes. If you do choose to try this beauty method out be sure to only snip the very edges, no more than one-quarter the length of your lashes as they are in place to protect your eyes and super short lashes will leave your eyes itchy and uncomfortable, not to mention unflattering.


Source Silicon

Source Silicon For an ultra-natural way to enhance your lashes and create long luscious ones, source silicon rich foods for your diet. Silicon rich foods like olives, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers and rice contain nutrients that help promote hair growth. Switch up your regular diet to include some of these silicon nutrients and get long lashes while improving your nutrient intake.

Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but eyelashes scream sex appeal, which is why these beauty tips for long luscious lashes create enviable fringe that finishes off your look. From formulated serums to natural techniques, switching up your beauty routine can help you get the longer, lusher lashes you desire. What are some tips and tricks you have for getting longer looking lashes?

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Don't ever trim your lashes. As a kid, my lashes used to drive me nuts by rubbing against my glasses. I cut them all off& I never had that long of lashes again!!!

I feel like if I tried to trim my eyelashes I would end up just chopping them off.. Nice tips though :)

Trimming your lashes does nothing for growth, if you do this you're just cutting length off, doesn't make sense! Terrible advice!!

So I just put olive oil on my eye lashes. An I was wondering do I wash the oil off in the morning? I don't wear makeup sooooo...

i doubt trimming your lashes would make them grow. like hair in general they simply don't grow from the tips so it doesn't make any sense at all. they might look fuller if they're all the same length but there's no way it would make them grow faster or longer.

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