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7 Beauty Treatments for Summer 2014 ...

By Artti

During the summer most of us feel our best, so why not look our best with these beauty treatments for summer 2014? You want to look picture perfect from sun up until sun down, but it takes a little work to bring out your natural beauty. Fear not, there are simple beauty treatments for summer 2014 so you look just as bright as the summer sun!

1 Pedicure

One of the beauty treatments for summer 2014 which I recommend is a pedicure. Now that the sun is out, most likely your toes will be out too, whether it be at the beach or in your favourite summer sandals! However, toes, and feet in general, are neglected by most people and by the time summer has arrived your toenails need some due diligence! Personally, I feel feet look the best when toenails are clean and trimmed. Best of all, pedicures can be done at home with a grooming kit and your favourite nail polish.

2 Waxing

Smooth legs without any razor bumps are a rare luxury amongst many women. Especially in the summer when legs are being continually scraped against to remove any signs of hair, legs can become dry and irritated. However, waxing is an easy remedy to a daily shave. Although getting your legs, arms, underarms, etc… waxed can be painful, it is more convenient as you won’t see any signs of hair for weeks in between appointments.

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3 Base Tan

For all you fair skin girls out there, you already know that the best way to prevent sunburn or redness is getting a base tan at a salon. A base tan will have you summer ready before the sun is out and you'll get darker gradually rather than reddish-pink all in one go.

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4 Hair Transformation

Getting a hair cut and maybe even lightening your hair is a fun way to kick off summer. Getting a trim or even cutting off several inches of your hair will prove to be better as the weather gets hotter and more humid. In addition, lightening your hair will give you that "sun kissed" look! Plus, getting a cut and colour will help you on those days you want a no-fuss hair style.

5 Teeth Whitening

Yellow or stained teeth can age your smile by years. A quick fix is at-home whitening strips that whiten your teeth by several shades. Your smile will look much younger.

6 Facial

Transitioning between seasons can be hard on your skin and face. The best way to make sure your skin stays soft and smooth is by investing in a professional facial every few months. A microdermabrasion or facial peel is a great way to reveal smoother, younger skin underneath a buildup of dead skin cells. However, if professional facials are out of your budget, there are several wonderful drugstore masks and exfoliators that will do the trick!

7 Bikini Wax

Even if you’re not going to be wearing a swimsuit this year, you’ll most likely wear shorts. However, some shorts are a lot more revealing than you think, so make sure you are well-groomed. I recommend getting a wax rather than shaving since shaving can leave bumps and redness - plus, you will need to groom frequently if you decide to shave.

Most of what makes summer fun is that it is so relaxing. However, it takes some preparation that isn't always the most soothing. What are some other beauty treatments one should do to prepare for summer?

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