8 Color Tips for Different Complexions ...

Before we examine our color tips for different complexions, it is important to remember that rules are meant to be broken. Just because the "rules" say that a color doesn't look good on you, doesn't mean that you can't look great in it. For some reason, we all have an "unruly" out-of-character color that we can pull off. It's fun to know you have a rule you can always break, isn't it? That being said, if you are curious as to what would compliment your complexion best, here are some color tips for different complexions that you can look at!

1. Wearing the Right Colors Affect Beauty Perception

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In our little talk on color tips for different complexions, you should know that this can affect whether people think you are beautiful or not! Did you know the color of your clothes is that important? If you are wearing colors that are not exactly right for you, you will get fewer compliments! Your teeth will appear yellowish, and your face will look tired and sickly. Choosing the right colors for your complexion will get more compliments on your appearance, your face will look lively and alert, your eyes will be bright and shining and your teeth will appear whiter! Your hair looks better too!

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