8 Color Tips for Different Complexions ...

By Elizabeth

8 Color Tips for Different Complexions ...

Before we examine our color tips for different complexions, it is important to remember that rules are meant to be broken. Just because the "rules" say that a color doesn't look good on you, doesn't mean that you can't look great in it. For some reason, we all have an "unruly" out-of-character color that we can pull off. It's fun to know you have a rule you can always break, isn't it? That being said, if you are curious as to what would compliment your complexion best, here are some color tips for different complexions that you can look at!

1 Wearing the Right Colors Affect Beauty Perception

In our little talk on color tips for different complexions, you should know that this can affect whether people think you are beautiful or not! Did you know the color of your clothes is that important? If you are wearing colors that are not exactly right for you, you will get fewer compliments! Your teeth will appear yellowish, and your face will look tired and sickly. Choosing the right colors for your complexion will get more compliments on your appearance, your face will look lively and alert, your eyes will be bright and shining and your teeth will appear whiter! Your hair looks better too!

2 Neutral is Easiest

If you are lucky enough to have neutral skin tones, you can wear almost any color! Whatever you want, you can wear! If you are neutral, you should focus on pairing clothes with eye and hair color. How do you know if you are neutral? To determine whether you have a neutral skin complexion, you can follow several tests. If you can wear both silver and gold jewelry with ease, both looking equally beautiful on you, you are a neutral skin tone! If your veins, when examined in natural light, show visible mixtures of blue and green veins, you are neutral! And then, as stated before, if all colors seem to radiate your beauty, you are the lucky neutral skin tone. Yay for you!

3 Cool is Common

Of all complexions, the one you are most likely to come across is a cool complexion. If you have cool skin tones, you will find that your skin's undertones are pink and rosy. To determine if you are of a cool complexion, your veins will show up all blue. Silver is the complimentary jewelry color of choice.

4 Warm is Nice

If you skin has golden or yellow undertones, you are known as warm complected. You will know if you have warm skin tones if gold jewelry looks better on you than silver. Your veins will appear to be a sort of green color or yellow.

5 Cool Wears Jewel Tones

If you are cool complected, you will find that the colors that best compliment you are jewel tones. Beautiful blues, gorgeous greens, pretty purples and majestic magentas. You should look good in all of them! You will look lovely in black and can pull off a crisp white outfit as well.

6 Warm Wears Earth Tones

Warm complected ladies would look splendid in yummy yellows, ravishing reds, bonny browns and obvious oranges! If you are warm toned, you will find it very easy to pull off that earthy mama look that we all love. Sadly, black tends to wash out a warm complected person, and ivory is more the shade of white to choose.

7 Reds Are Tricky

Anyone can wear red, it just depends on what shade you choose. You have to pay attention to the underlying colors. If the red outfit is more of an orange red or has yellow undertones, it will look good on a warm complexion. Reds with blue undertones look good on cool complexions. If you are the lucky neutral, you can pick up just about any red you want and it will look beautiful on you!

8 Colors Are Divided by Seasons

Winter and Summer are cool based seasons. A winter person will have light skin in contrast to darker hair. Summer ladies will have both hair and skin tones in more of a matching appearance. For this reason, winter ladies tend to be their most lovely in colors that are as intense as their contrasting skin and hair, while summer skin tones are best complimented with softer, less bold color choices. In the same way, warm based complexions are divided up by Spring and Autumn. A spring complexion, usually seen in natural blondes, look better in Spring like, popping colors of yellow and orange. An Autumn complexion is darker, and has more of a deep red undertone in the hair and eyes. This season looks best with colors of the season, such as deep reds, browns and lush oranges.

No matter your complexion, no matter your color, you are beautiful the way you were made! Why not use these tips to bring out your natural beauty to its fullest potential? Do you know what your complexion color is? I would love to hear your comments! Please share with me what complexion you are and what color you think looks best on you!

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