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Do you ever get tired of your beauty routine and wonder if there are any good reasons to wear makeup at all? I’ve been there and while I love going fuss-free without worrying about makeup touch-ups, there are some pretty persuasive reasons to wear makeup. So whether you’re one of the makeup obsessed or makeup indifferent, these 7 convincing reasons to wear makeup just might change your mind!

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Lift Your Mood

A key benefit of using makeup for me is that it can instantly put me in a good spirits! There’s just something about the packaging, colors, the brushes and applying makeup that makes me feel good inside and out! Call me a crazy makeup lady but I just love the process of putting on makeup and the feeling of looking more put-together and polished.


Transform Yourself

A fun reason to wear makeup is to transform yourself! Makeup can turn you into a Disney princess, your favorite actor or actress, or even a zombie! While you probably won’t be doing any makeup transformations on the daily, you can certainly incorporate some of your beauty muse’s makeup tricks to give you some extra confidence or feel even more glamorous than usual!


Enhance Beauty

I think enhancing your natural beauty has to be one of the TOP reasons to wear makeup. We’re all beautiful in our own unique way but sometimes we like to show off our features by adding some mascara, lipstick or beauty product of your choice and there’s nothing wrong with that! Makeup can help us draw attention to our best facial features and stand out from the crowd!


Cover up

Benefits of wearing makeup has to include being able to swipe on some concealer after a long night or a surprise blemish pops up kissing it good bye . Of course no one has to conceal their blemishes but the reason I do is because when I see it sans makeup looking all red and angry, I’m much more likely to do something that I’ll regret. That and blemishes have a way of commanding attention from people making it stand out more, so avoid giving your zit any more face time than you have to!


Double Duty

You can find lots of cosmetics that contain ingredients that are good for your skin, which is another reason why I wear makeup. Beauty products can contain ingredients like sunscreen, anti-aging and anti-blemish ingredients, antioxidants and even more good stuff. Obviously you can get all this stuff from your skin care products. But I’m thankful for makeup that contains all these skin goodies for those days I don’t have time to put it all on or forget!


Show off Your Personal Style

Another reason why I wear makeup is to highlight my personal style. Just how makeup can help you enhance your natural beauty, it can help you showcase and express your own unique style! Think about it, there are literally tons of different colors, textures and techniques to choose from when it comes to makeup. This means you can utilize makeup to show your different sides or display your own take on makeup trends!


Feel Good

One of the greatest reasons to wear makeup is to feel good! Aside from lifting your spirits, wearing makeup provides a way for people who have certain illnesses to look and feel better. Sometimes there are some undesirable side effects associated with certain illnesses and wearing makeup can help you to conceal some of the unwanted blemishes and showcase your gorgeous features! An illness can’t take away your inner beauty and makeup can help show off your outer beauty!

Reasons to wear makeup don’t all have to be about being vain or wanting to please others. You should only wear what you’re comfortable with and makes you feel good! There’s nothing wrong with not wearing or wearing makeup, there are good reasons for both Only do what fits your lifestyle and personal taste. So now that you’ve read these reasons to wear makeup, what are your reasons for wearing or not wearing makeup?

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Cover up is my favorite. I have major issues sleeping more than 4 hours, a little highlight helps wonders

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