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Double the Trouble - How You Should Deal with a Double Chin ...

By Neecey

It might be how your natural jaw line falls, or it might be due to weight gain or the loss of skin elasticity as you age. However it arises, it’s rare that a double chin is seen as an attractive feature. There are various ways to deal with a double chin but remember, the efficacy of these methods depends on how pronounced the double chin is and how far you want to go to disguise or remove it.

1 Use Makeup Cleverly to Disguise and Lessen the Effect

Using foundations and concealers to create optical illusion contouring is a great way to deal with a double chin. Softening in some places and emphasizing others can do wonders for encouraging the eye to look elsewhere. Dramatic mascara and eyeliner can also draw attention away from your chin and neck.

2 Practice Your Posture to Improve the Look

Pretend you are in finishing school and place an old hardback book on the top of your head! Practicing your posture this way can help to keep your shoulders back, uncurve your spine and most importantly keep your chin up and stop it from leaning forward and potentially bunching up.

3 Try a New Hairstyle Because It Can Work Wonders

It really is astonishing just how much different haircuts can affect the look and shape of your face, including your chin. Consult with your hairstylist about which styles would be best for you, but the general consensus is that an angled long bob cut is always great for lessening the look of a double chin.

4 Chew Gum Cos It Has Two-fold Benefits

Chewing gum is great for battling the double chin in two ways: the first being that is can strengthen your jaw muscles and the second being that it can stave off hunger pangs and unnecessary snacking, meaning that you may find yourself losing weight from all over, including your chin!

5 Try the 'ceiling Kiss' Exercise

This particular exercise targets the problem area underneath the chin, and if done every day really can give you positive results. Tilt your head up, pucker your lips and make a 'kissing motion' towards the ceiling. Hold the pose for ten seconds at a time and you will be giving the muscles a great work out.

6 Watch Your Calorie Intake to Minimize Weight Gain

Let's be honest, one of the main causes for your double chin is likely to be the fact that you are consuming more calories than you burn and are therefore putting on weight, in this case on your face. Limiting these calories doesn't have to be a drastic change; just try cutting out midday snacking or maybe start substituting certain foods for healthier alternatives.

7 This Tennis Ball Exercise is Great for Working the Jaw Line Muscles

Another handy exercise for battling a double chin - grab a tennis ball, place it against your neck and lower your jaw on top to trap it. Do this trap ten times in a row, wait for about twenty seconds, and then repeat. This exercise will help to strengthen and tighten those muscles that may be weak and contributing to your double chin.

8 Visit Your Doctor to Get Some Advice

If you are having particularly bad problems with your double chin and have had no success elsewhere, then it may be worth paying a visit to your doctor to check out if the problem is actually hormonal. There could be a thyroid issue that needs sorting out so don't be embarrassed about seeking help for your double chin!

9 Try to Accept Yourself the Way You Are

At the end of the day, you only have one body and you should be encouraged to embrace it for what it is. Of all the physical problems in the medical world, having a double chin is very low on the list of worries. Yes, it can affect your self confidence, but try to appreciate your body and remind yourself that to other people, it definitely doesn't look as bad as you think.

Is this a problem you’re familiar with? Does it bother you or do you just accept it?

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