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7 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Appearances up at All Times ...

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We’re all busy women so it can be difficult to think of tricks to keep your appearances up. But, it’s a lot easier than you think. In between your career, spending time with family and friends, and maintaining your home, your appearance becomes a low priority. Soon, you have very little time to worry about how you look and you can start to slip when it comes to your everyday beauty routine. To help save time but still look like a million dollars, here are some easy tricks to keep your appearances up.

1 Well Kept Nails

Well Kept Nails One of the tricks to keep your appearances up is well kept nails. Don’t feel the pressure to get a costly, bi-weekly manicure. However, nail care is a subtle indicator of your level and interest in your own personal hygiene. Maintaining your nails by keeping them clean, polished and a reasonable length will turn your claws in to friendly paws.

2 Groomed Facial Hair

Groomed Facial Hair Facial hair is the most annoying thing to maintain... you can’t get rid of it without some type of pain involved. Unfortunately, beauty is pain. Keeping your facial fuzz to a bare minimum will go a long way, especially for those up and close encounters.

3 Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair Keeping the hair on your head maintained is just as important as keeping the hair on your face maintained. Always wash your hair, or use dry shampoo/conditioner in between washes, and style it. With that being said, a simple "sock bun" (ballerina bun) or a high ponytail is a quick, convenient and heatless way to style your hair.

4 Good Complexion

Good Complexion Glowing skin is the envy of all women but it’s hard to achieve. The best way to look like a sun goddess is to a. Moisturize after washing your face and before putting on makeup b. Wash your face with dermatologist recommended products twice a day c. Eat healthy - the goodness from the inside will shine through to the outside and d. Hydrate your body (with water of course).

5 Youthful Eyes

Youthful Eyes The more stressful your life, the more of a toll it will take on your skin... especially around your eyes. Invest in a couple good products made specifically for the skin around your eyes like an eye serum for night and a eye cream for the day. Bright eyes are the key to a youthful appearance.

6 Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites Braces and veneers are costly and can’t fit in everybody’s budget. If you’re finding this is the case for you, don’t give up on your smile just yet! There are other products to enhance your smile such as teeth whitening kits. Crooked teeth can be a quirky characteristic and are easy to ignore. However, yellow teeth are a major turnoff and age your smile by years.

7 Clean Clothes

Clean Clothes The easiest of all, wear clothes that are in good condition! Natural wear and tear of clothes is out of your control. But, that’s no excuse to wear clothes that are pilling, cover in lint or are wearing thin. Clothes that are worn past their limit tend to make the wearer look like they don’t care about their appearance. Instead, every few months, evaluate your wardrobe to see what still fits, what’s in good condition, what’s easy to repair and what’s appropriate for your lifestyle. Anything that doesn’t fit under those three categories should be thrown out or donated.

As a well rounded person, we all need to find a balance in our life. School, work, friends, family and health are all high priorities but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your appearance. Most of the things listed above don’t take more than 10 minutes a day and a few that were mentioned above only need to be done once a week like teeth whitening, nail care and grooming your facial hair! What are some of your tricks to maintain to your looks throughout your busy life?

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