7 Plastic Surgery Procedures That Can Boost Self-Esteem ...

By Eliza

7 Plastic Surgery Procedures That Can Boost Self-Esteem ...

I’m a fan of natural beauty, but I also know that some people turn to plastic surgery procedures to boost their self-esteem and make them feel better about the way they look. I would never suggest skipping a procedure that really makes you love your appearance or getting one just because someone makes a nasty comment about your looks. It might not be something I’d choose, but my years of studying psychology in grad school make it clear that there are definite benefits for some people. If you want to love what you see in the mirror, the following plastic surgery procedures are common for people who want to boost their self-esteem.

1 Breast Enlargement

There’s something about breasts that can make or a break a woman’s sense of femininity. Breast enlargement is also one of the most common plastic surgery procedures that women turn to when they want to love their look. Having larger breasts can make a small-chested lady feel more womanly and give her that curvy look that equates with being a woman.

2 Nose Job

This procedure has a technical term (rhinoplasty), but it’s usually referred to as a nose job. Your nose is a pretty prominent feature on your face, so it’s not surprising that many people feel bad about theirs. Whether you think it’s too large or it doesn’t slope attractively, having it fixed can really do wonders for how you feel when someone looks at you.

3 Tummy Tuck

If you’ve had several children or have lost a significant amount of belly fat, you might have a loose flap of skin on your tummy. While it isn’t on display often, it really bothers some people. Undergoing a tummy tuck can help tighten that skin, making it easier to fit into clothing and giving you a better outlook on your appearance.

4 Botox

It’s less invasive than some types of plastic surgery, but Botox is very popular. It works by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and can help fight the signs of aging. Many women choose it to maintain their youthful appearance. It’s not permanent and requires maintenance, but it can be just enough to make you feel better about facing the world.

5 Breast Lift

A breast lift isn’t the same as an enlargement, though some women have both procedures done at one time. This one simply lifts what you have and is chosen by women who have droopy breasts after nursing several babies or just when gravity kicks in and things start to migrate lower.

6 Liposuction

For people with specific trouble spots, such as the thighs or tummy, liposuction can be a good way to eliminate fat in the area to give a slimmer silhouette. By taking care of a spot that causes distress, you can really experience a boost to your self-esteem.

7 Face Lift

For many people, the signs of aging on the face are the ones that cause the most concern. After all, the whole world sees your face anytime you leave the house, so you naturally want it to look good. If you’ve started seeing some wrinkles and sagging, a face lift can really make you feel good. It basically pulls the skin on your face upward, eliminating the effects of aging.

I have never had plastic surgery, but I also know how quickly a specific trouble spot can take over your thinking. I’m all for procedures that help someone feel better about herself. However, plastic surgery can be pretty major so it’s a good idea to think it through and do some research before going under the knife. Have you had plastic surgery? How did it make you feel?

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Come on guys no one needs to be rude! We all have opinions and it's fine that they're all different! How boring would life be if we all did and thought the same things were fun?


@shabnam: don't be too hard on others for giving their opinion (i.e.@Cc_C). You have yours, others have theirs. Don't tell others to shut up because you don't agree with what they say, it's just simply rude and makes you look bad.


A had a boob job 15 years ago. Best choice in life I ever made. And I recommend it to anyone.


and please excuse typos!


I would just like to add to this that I myself have a large, hooked nose. I was picked on for several years at school. it's been referred to in past arguments by hurtful boyfriends, strangers comment on it - even now that I'm a fully grown woman! I've had to leave bars in tears due to strangers comments! I too have had 2 children (both now under 5), my breasts are a tiny, sagging c and my tummy is covered in stretch marks despite my size 8 figure, I have a meringue under my clothes!!! if I could ever find the money to pay to have all of these things corrected I WOULD in a heartbeat!! not because I'm vain or want to be like somebody else, or because I 'need to get a life'. simply for me, I'd start to enjoy living a life without the fear of what someone thinks about the way I look, or being scared where the next nasty phrase will arrive from!! and yes I can hear you saying 'that girl needs to sort her mind out first'. I've tried that!! I've seen 7 therapists over the past 11 years and none of them have convinced me that being strong in mind will cure my insecurities because simply other people's comments DO affect you, being called 'ugly' DOES hurt and telling yourself that it doesn't is simply enabling the power of their suggestion in the first place as the you feel the hurt before you try and discount it! so I see ok harm in this article but believe that it's simply an insight in to what can boost your self esteem by outside changes. of course the mind should be healed too. but in my case I feel this will only happen once my outside is corrected and others let me live! so live and let live! if you need to change in order to become happier and less self conscious, change!! you live just the once, we all deserve the quality of a confident life!


Love it


Did anyone read the first part? Seriously


everybody needs to stop worrying about how they look and get a life!


What an incredibly terrible article. Whoever wrote this should be fired. This website is supposed to give women positive influence. Plastic surgery should be a last option for women, or only used in extreme cases. If you're that unhappy with yourself that plastic surgery is an option for things like breast, nose, tummy tuck, maybe you should do some self reflecting. Or see a psychologist because you're body won't make you happy unless you work hard for it. Maybe go to the gym instead of being so lazy you depend on surgery. Just my opinion.


Wow! 😁


Hollywood has given plastic surgery a bad rap... not everyone who has Botox injected looks "fake", and not everyone who's had their breast done look like a porn star. I've done both & have no regrets (work perks)! I work for 2 of the best plastic surgeons on the East Coast, and those patients that have 1 procedure done will be back for another. If you're considering plastic surgery, make sure your surgeon IS Board Certified and a member of ASPS.


I don't see how this article is offensive the author isn't suggesting that everyone should have plastic surgery or that you need it she is simply saying why it can be good. we judge everyone based on appearance... don't say you don't because it is in our nature. By all means if you feel the need to boost your confidence do it! this author is saying plastic surgery isn't all bad but it isn't something ou do for the wrong reasons. We all blame society for our dependency to looks certain way when we are society so before you judge this author think and read the whole article first


Danielle I completely agree. a few years ago I was suffering from over active thyroid & the medication caused a lot of hair loss. I mean A LOT. Specially front hair it was thinning. I recently had hair transplant a little bit at the front & I couldn't be happier. It's been 2 half years & it was the best £4000 I have saved & spent EVER. It's all down to the individual.


I think at the end of the day it is all down to personal preference. I don't see why people are getting offended by this, it's a part of real life. So get real. Some women opt for plastic surgery and some don't. Big deal. As long as their is proper education as to what are the pros and cons of surgery then why not.


those whom got offended by this article; 1. every article is written by one person, and that persons view on somthing(who i agree with) and if you cant relate, it is no need to go all drama queen over somthing as small as this. why try to "brainwash" yourself into liking something when you dont? isnt that kind of an off putting idea too? in my case i would not go around pretending and trying to make myself believe poop smelled like the most divine perfume, jusy because socity told me that i was supposed to think so. either you like your face, you ok with it, or you dont like it, and if you dont like it and have the possibility to change whatever you dont like instead of sitting around being sad over it all the time, wouldt you?


plastic surgery is amazing!!! I would do it all over again of I had to:) (I had tummy tuck, breast & lipo. Nose in the near future).


Little nose or big nose you won't be happy with either because what you may think is a physical imperfection is a mental one. Sorry if I may have offended anyone from my other review but I'm on stable ground that can't be shaken.


Will someone please explain to me how this article is upsetting? You saw the title so why did you read it when you knew what the subject was? A lot of women think about or consider plastic surgery. So what. Just because you don't want it doesn't mean there aren't women who do. I personally have wondered about a nose job and boob implants...but I wouldn't do it because I don't want to go under the knife and I don't think I'd look like myself anymore. Any woman who says they haven't thought about it at least once, with the intention of doing it or not, is lying. You guys are all being rude to the author. You can state your opinions but there's no need to be rude and nasty about it.


This article is very upsetting. Thought this app was better than this. Deleting!


articles are meant to be informative, not biased to certain belief systems. This article was well written in that sense. Even if you don't agree with the topic, there are girls who would, even if it is to discourage them from getting the procedure they had in mind. AWS has a some VERY closed minded readers. The writer has achieved her goal though... people are talking about it!


If something about your physical appearance is bothering you and you have the option to change it and feel better about yourself then go for it!!!! I speak from experience... it can change your life for the better!!!


I guess plastic surgery can help people at times, but they should always keep in mind the dangers of the procedures, how costly they can be, and how it sometimes does not work and turn out badly (many celebrities, have had bad results; from what I've seen, many turned out quite scary)...


Typo... Only in certain societies.


A curvy look that equates being a woman? Only I'm certain societies. What a horrific statement.


There are people who opt for plastic surgery and that find this article to be informative. Just because YOU are against it doesn't mean it's wrong.


Really want to meet the person who wrote this. Go listen to Beyonce "Pretty Hurts" because you need surgery on the inside sweetie.


I'm not against plastic surgery in the slightest but the title of the article was a little off putting. The article isn't that bad, but it is written by somebody who hasn't gone under the knife... Something to think about @rogina xx


This cannot be serious ...


What kind of an article is this? AWS please check what your writers publish before they're sent out!


This article must be a joke!


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