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Have you been endlessly searching for ways to make your eyes look bigger? Bigger eyes opens up your entire face, making you look more awake and fresh. It’s actually really simple to achieve, and just a few simple tweaks to your everyday makeup routine will help emphasize your eyes! After all, your eyes are the main focus! Here are some tips that I learned that are great ways to make your eyes look bigger:

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One of the ultimate ways to make your eyes look bigger is to get rid of the puffiness! Try eye pads that calm inflammation in a solid ten minutes. An alternative is to use something that is cold, even a bag of ice!


Even It out

Dark circles not only make you look more tired, but your eyes appear smaller, too. Find a concealer that is slightly lighter and warmer than your skin. That way, it’ll even out and brighten up blue and purple tones.


Curl up

I’m sure most of you own an eyelash curler, but do you use it every day? Curling your lashes takes such little time, but it makes a huge impact! It can make your eyes look wider. Plus, your lashes cast a shadow on your eye area, so when they’re curled, you eyes will look more open!


Mascara, Mascara, Mascara!

Mascara is the one beauty product that I absolutely cannot live without. It is amazing how much fresher and more awake I look with a few swipes of mascara. And there are so many brands out there, that you are bound to find one that is perfect for you!


Draw a Tight Line

To really make your lash line look fuller, apply a skinny strip of liner along the base of your upper lashes. I prefer liquid liner for this because I find it much easier to follow the shape of my eye. It’s also easier to control compared to a pencil. Plus, it’s so much easier to clean off if you make a mistake!


Lighten Your Waterline

I’m sure we’ve all used black eyeliner. I know I was guilty of this, especially when I first got into makeup. Sure, it looks dramatic, but it can make eyes look half their size. Instead, try white eyeliner. This opens them up completely!


Bottoms out

When (or if) you line your waterline, make it a little thicker on the outside corners. This is a wonderful tip that shapes your eyes and really lifts up the edges. Just make sure that there are no harsh lines!



Brown and black eye pencils are overrated when it comes to making your eyes look bigger! Opt for other gorgeous (but still not outrageous) colors, such as navy or plum. This gives a pop of color. As for your shadows, try vibrant shades like aqua or even silver!



You can use all the eye masks in the world, but if you forget to use a good eye cream, you won’t get the best results. I use masks as supplements to moisturizers. Find a good eye cream that you can use during the day or night, and you will definitely see results. My personal favorite is from Bobbi Brown. Maybe you’ll like it, too!



Did you know that dabbing a pearly shadow on the inner corners of your eyes makes them look lifted? This is a trick that I learned from a sorority sister, and I cannot go a day without doing this. Also try highlighting immediate areas around your eyes, too. I personally use a little more concealer above the arches of my brows, and I feel like that lightens my eyes even more.


Shape Your Brows

Your brows frame your eyes, so take good care of them! Tweeze away any stray hairs, and then fill in gaps with an eyebrow pencil. Don’t forget to brush your brows for a neater shape!

Those are some of my all-time favorite tricks to making my eyes look bigger. I hope they help! Have you tried any of these? What do you think? Do you have any tips?

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I also love the bobbi brown eyebrow mascara. Keeps them in shape and no need for eye brow pencil

My newest trick is to grab a dark brown eye liner pencil and gently shade my lower lash line, tapering in to the inner corner. It makes it look like I've got such an abundance of lashes that they cast a way darker shadow under my eyes, and really opens them up!! Another one is, when I apply eye shadow, to apply the darkest color not at my crease, but at my brow bone. It frames my eyes beautifully and also widens them.

I think using pictures for that would be better as for me i don't really understand how to draw my eyes or use make up without watching a video , at the same time i see this is very beneficial thank you x

I shape my eyebrows from time to time cause my eyes do look really tiny!

I do a couple of these already:)

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