10 Fabulous 5-Minute Beauty Tips ...

Beauty Tips don't have to take an hour to implement β€” there are plenty of beauty tips you can do in about five minutes! So if you have a few minutes, and want to look gorgeous, give a few of these beauty tips a go... you'll look more polished, and look and feel prettier to boot! Here are 10 fabulous 5-minute beauty tips to try... set the timer and let's get gorgeous!

1. Clean up Your Nails

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Chipped polish, snaggy edges, and mangy cuticles β€” girl, let's start with your nails! This is one beauty tip everyone will notice, and it will make all the difference. And it only takes, literally, five minutes to take care of each one! Use an acetone-free nail polish remover and plenty of cotton balls to remove your chipped polish. Still have a few minutes left? Files your snaggy edges, then, if you're not in a hurry, soak your nails and gently push your cuticles back with an orange stick. Then apply lotion and enjoy your pretty hands.

2. Use a Pore Strip

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This is one of my all-time favorite beauty tips,and it really only takes five minutes! Who doesn't have five minutes to devote to skin care? Apply a Biore or other pore strip, then wait five minutes (or however long the box says) and enjoy a cleaner, fresher face!

3. Moisturize!

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Oh, girl. It only takes five minutes to treat and prevent winter-ashy skin, so take the time to moisturize! Apply lotion, liberally, to your hands, legs, face... anywhere your delicate skin needs extra hydration!

4. Tweeze or Wax Your Brows

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Nothing makes you look LESS polished, and more like a beast, than bushy brows. Take five minutes to tweeze them, or visit your salon and have them waxed or threaded. Ah! Now we can see your beautiful eyes!

5. Hot Oil Your Hair

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Winter hair can be overly dry and frizzy, especially if you use a blow dryer or hot iron every day. Take five minutes to implement this beauty tip: hot oil (or deep condition) your hair!

6. Cuke Your Eyes

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In almost every spa ad I've ever seen, a woman relaxes with her hair in a wrap and cucumber slices on her eyes. Want to know why? Because those cuke slices really work, banishing dark circles and puffiness. Give it a try!

7. Trim Your Bangs

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I can't trim my own bangs (I have zero hand-eye coordination) but if you have a steady hand and a sloppy fringe, take five minutes to trim them. Now you can see again!

8. Exfoliate Your Lips

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This is an essential winter beauty tip,and it takes actually less than five minutes! Run a clean washcloth under the warm tap, then run it gently across your lips for a minute. Your lips will feel softer, tingly, and they'll be chap-free. Kissable!

9. The Eyes Have It!

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There are a slew of new products on the market that will lengthen and darken your lashes. My favorite is by L'oreal, but there are lots of others, too. Take five minutes and apply one carefully to your upper lids, following the instructions on the bottle. Hooray for longer, thicker lashes!

10. Rest or Meditate

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Is there anything more beautiful than a happy smile? Take five minutes of Β«meΒ» time to clear your head, meditate, or just rest. It's amazing the difference five minutes can make. This is a beauty tip you need to make time for!

See, it's totally possible to be a little more beautiful in about five minutes! I love, and use, every one of these beauty tips, and I hope you'll make a little time for them, too! Which of these beauty tips do you think you'll try first? Or do you have another quick beauty tip to share?

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