8 Best Beauty Shortcuts You've Got to Try ...


8 Best Beauty Shortcuts You've Got to Try ...
8 Best Beauty Shortcuts You've Got to Try ...

Hey girls, I want to let you in on some of the best beauty shortcuts in the biz! I know you’re all super busy with work, school and your social calendar. So, taking shortcuts in your beauty routine is a great way to save time and your sanity while looking hot! Check out this short collection of some of the best beauty shortcuts around and use them to your advantage!

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Start with Eyes

Let’s start with one of my own personal faves when it comes to the best beauty shortcuts: starting your makeup routine with the eyes! Makeup artist Napoleon Perdis states that if you start with mascara and follow up with lip gloss, you’ll looked polished enough that you can instantly run out the door in case you run out of time. I don’t know about you but if I had to pick between foundation and eye makeup, I’d rather have eye makeup on!


Fix Eye Makeup

Another fab beauty shortcut is to use eye cream to fix eye makeup smudges. Sometimes we make mistakes with mascara or we accidentally smudge eye liner and using eye makeup remover is too much. We don’t want to erase all of our hard work, just fix our beauty boo boo. This is where eye cream comes to save the day! Dab a little eye cream on a cotton swab and clean up your mistake without removing all the makeup in the surrounding area! This trick works great to smooth out cakey concealer also!


Baby Your Strands

If you’re ever caught without any shine serum or you’re in desperate need of a hair oil, try baby oil! This beauty shortcut isn’t recommended for daily use but using a pea-sized amount of baby oil in a pinch will help give your strands some sheen and a little moisture! Baby powder is another great baby product to use in lieu of a dry shampoo, so maybe I should stock up?!


Save Your Skin

I’ve never tried this next beauty shortcut for myself but it does sound promising! The good folks at Real Beauty suggest applying deodorant immediately after you shave areas that are prone to razor burn, because it will stop razor bumps in their tracks. I don’t know the science behind this trick, but I have shaved a little too close on my underarms before and deodorant soothed the burn and I totally forgot about my mishap!


New Nails in a Flash

The next time you’re in the mood to give yourself a polish change or just want to add a special touch to your look, choose a shimmer or metallic nail polish. Shimmery and metallic lacquers are typically more opaque so you can do your base coat, one coat of polish, a top coat and you’re done! It’s much faster and easier than fussing with multiple coats and trying to even out all the layers that most polishes require.


Double Duty

Another way to quickly define your eyes when you’re pressed for time is to line you upper inner rims with a dark eyeliner. MAC makeup artist Nadine Luke says that lining your upper inner rims or tightlining your eyes will define your upper rims and transfer eye liner to your lower waterline without any worries of the eyeliner straying!


Gloss It over

When you’re trying to save time getting ready, fussing with a lip balm or primer, lip liner and lipstick is too much! For those times you’re in a rush, reach for a lip gloss. Lip glosses are easy to apply, are much less likely to smear and you can reapply or touch-up lip gloss in a flash! One drawback is that lip glosses don’t last as long as lipstick, so you can look for a longer wearing lip gloss or a glossy lip tint!


Be Beautiful with Bronzer

Many makeup shortcut lists will encourage you to use a multipurpose product or use your lipstick as a lipstick and blush. This next tip is somewhat similar but recommends using bronzer for an easy, all-over product! MAC makeup artist Luc Buchard always turns to bronzer to instantly add color and glow to your skin as well as use it as an eye shadow!

I always love to learn about new beauty shortcuts because I love to save time in the morning as well as discover multipurpose products! Use these simple and easy beauty shortcuts to help you get ready and look fabulous faster without looking like you were rushed. What’s your favorite beauty shortcut?

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To contour my cheeks I'll use a non-metallic brown eye shadow, brushing a sparse amount beneath my cheekbones. Simple, easy, and it works fabulously!

I really need to find a good bronzer! Any idea pple for a dark tones:)

What are some good eyeshadow colors for tan skin?

I use Q-tips to fix my make-up mistakes ;)

@wafaisabelle thanks so much I will surly try that:)

Tinted moisturiser or Bb cream, and lick a finger to clean mistakes.

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