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5 Facial Exercises That Can Take Years off Your Face ...

By Damito

These exercises have been called non-invasive alternatives to surgery and Botox. How do these facial exercises help banish wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines?

They work the lower layer of skin or hypodermis, the middle layer of skin or the dermis, and the upper layer of skin or the epidermis. When you can work all the layers the right way, it increases the blood circulation that allows more nourishment and oxygen to get to the skin cells. The result will be a healthy and clear complexion that has a beautiful glow. It will have less toxins and be able to absorb moisture better.

These facial exercises are designed to stimulate elastin and collagen production in the dermis that will give you tighter, more supple, and smoother skin.

These exercises need to be done for 20 minutes six times each week. This seems like a lot but you will notice results very fast. Everyone’s face is different so the amount of time it will take to see any difference will vary from each person. Normally people will see improvements in their neck and face in just two weeks.

You should see fewer fine lines and less tension between two and four months. People will tell you that you look more energized and you look a lot healthier. After six to nine months people say they feel and look several years younger and are more relaxed.

1 The Giraffe

This exercise is good for loose skin and lines around the neck.
This is an alternative to a jowl or neck lift.
To do this: Look straight in front of you. Put your finger tips on the bottom of the neck and tilt your head back. Now stroke the skin downward.
Next, bring your head back down to your chest and repeat this twice.
Last, jut your lower lip out as far as you can and pull the corners of your mouth down. Place your finger tips on your collarbone with your chin pointing upwards. Hold this for four deep breaths.

2 The V

This exercise is good for eye puffiness and bags, crow’s feet, and drooping eyelids.
This is an alternative to eye surgery or Botox.
To do this: Place both your middle finger together at the inner corners of your eyebrows. Place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyebrows and apply pressure.

Next, look at the ceiling and raise your lower lid up to make a squint then relax.

Last, repeat this six times and finish by squeezing your eyes shut very tightly for ten seconds.

3 The Flirty Eyes

This exercise is good for drooping eye brows and deep eye hollows.
This is an alternative to an eyebrow lift.
To do this: Place you index fingers under each eye. Point them toward your nose.

Next, suck your lips in to cover your teeth and slightly open your mouth slightly.

Last, quickly flutter your eyelids while you look at the ceiling for 30 seconds.

4 Smooth the Brow

This exercise is good for horizontal forehead wrinkles
This exercise is an alternative to Botox.
To do this: Put both your hands on your forehead with the fingers facing in. Spread your fingers out slightly between the hairline and eyebrows.

Next, gently pull your fingers outward across your forehead while applying slight pressure to make the skin tight.
Last, relax and then repeat this ten times.

5 The Smile Smoother

This exercise is good for sagging skin and laugh lines.
This is an alternative to fillers and lower fact lifts.
To do this: Suck in your lips to cover your teeth and shape your mouth into an O.
Next, smile wide but keep your lips over your teeth. Repeat this six times.
Last, hold the smile and place an index finger on your chin. Now begin to move your jaw up and down while tilting your head back gently. Relax and do this two more times.

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