10 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Looks in 30 Days ...


10 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Looks in 30 Days ...
10 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Looks in 30 Days ...

Do you ever look in the mirror and just feel really bored and uninspired by what you see staring back at you? If you do, then don’t worry, you are definitely not alone! Literally, every woman in the world has been down on her looks and aesthetic at some point in time, but the good thing about this being your problem is that you can do plenty of stuff to rectify it! You don’t have to stay stuck in that frumpy state of mind. Here are ten ways to rejuvenate your looks in 30 thirty days.

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Flaxseed Oil

You can give yourself healthier looking skin by eating one spoon’s worth of flaxseed oil every morning, preferably on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. It will work to improve your digestion and therefore help your skin to look more glowing.


Beet Salad

Not only is beetroot salad a delicious lunch option, but it also contains a truckload of nutrients along with the fact that beets can help to reduce the risk of blood clotting in the body. The better your blood can flow, the better your skin will look.



Don’t be scared of seeking out different kinds of treatments to inject some life back in to your skin. A homemade mixture of ten grams vitamin E, thirty grams glycerine, and three drops of rose water makes an incredible facial peel.



Nuts are just about the healthiest snack you can eat. They help to strengthen your hair and your nails, which will give you better aesthetics and better confidence overall. Around a thirty to forty gram serving each day is perfect.


Natural Fibre Socks

Keep your feet looking and feeling great by applying a thin layer of moisturiser before bed and then sleeping in a pair of natural fibre socks. You will wake up to beautiful softness!

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Hair Mask

A homemade hair mask feels like a fun luxury thing to do and also can make a huge difference to your looks. Mix one spoon of dry mustard with two spoons of olive oil and apply the mixture to your locks for half an hour. Doing this about twice a week is recommended.



Having long luscious eyelashes can really change your look for the better. A handy natural treatment is to use an empty, cleaned mascara tube for wheat germ oil. Applying that before going to bed makes them thicker and longer.


Body Scrub

Another way to get your skin glowing and your entire body feeling better is to indulge in a homemade body scrub. Mix one glass of sea salt and one glass of sour cream and get to gently massaging it in!


Amaranth Oil

This is a great remedy for your skin. Adding it to your routine can reduce wrinkles, treat scar tissue, and even minimise the appearance of stretch marks.


Hair Rinse

If your looks are being affected by oily hair or dandruff, then a homemade hair rinse is the way to go. Add ten drops of peppermint oil to some hot water and wash your hair with that instead of normal shower water.

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